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Clearance Sale!   
Tele Vue eyepieces purchased directly from Tele Vue.   Never used Stock is about 14 years old.    All items sold as is.


These new in the box old stock demonstrator eyepieces were
never used and are marked (DEMO) on the box.

Part Number Model Shipping
Price Clearance Price
Part Number Model Shipping
Price Clearance Price   ERD-14.0 14.0 Radian 2 lbs $295 $150
BWC-2200 2x BIG Barlow 2" 2 lbs $300 $175            
ETH-08.0 8.0 Ethos 3 lbs $780 $535   EN4-17.0 17.0 Nagler Type 4 4 lbs $530 $345

Porta Mount  


Includes $80 AVT-1011 Vixon/Tele Vue/Coronado Mount Adapter  

$880 Value
(telescope shown is not included)   

Limited Special       Only $249

Features a new design friction system allowing quick slewing to objects and 360 degree slow-motion controls for tracking. No fumbling with clutches or sectional slow-motion that run out of travel. Leave the heavy counterweights with the equatorials: simply balance scope on the altitude axis and start viewing.
Standard Vixen dovetail mounting slot with lock and safety screw is fully SPHINX/GP -compatible. Mounting slot removes to reveal 1/4-20 and M8-1.25 threaded holes for custom mounting solutions.
PORTA Mount features interchangeable slow-motion knobs, tension adjustment and disassembly tool, built-in tool storage bay, tripod tray and aluminum legs. Tripod height to top of tripod base adjusts from 27.75" to 47.75".  47 lbs dimensional weight shipping  


Vixen SPHINX Mount and Star Book

$3855 List Price

Package Special $999

 New Old Stock December 2006
Three of the four boxes are still sealed.

SXW Mount w/ counterweight 1.9 kg $2280
SX HAL 110 Aluminum Tripod $400
SX Half Pillar $200
AC Adapter 12 volt 3 amp $200
SX Polar Scope 6x2mm w/ illuminator $210
SX Counterweight $60
Triangle Accessory Tray $36
SX-HAL Tripod Carrying Bag $94
SPHINX Aluminum Carry Case $375

For more Information: Company7


Years ago while at an Okie-Tex star party, as a Tele Vue dealer, we had a booth next to photographer Tony Hallas and enjoyed visiting with him. Tele Vue was also there and one night Al Nagler put a newly developed, prerelease 24 mm Panoptic eyepiece on my TV101 telescope. What a treat to view the Pleiades rising above a rock formation with the one and only Al Nagler.   http://www.okie-tex.com/           http://astrophoto.com/            http://www.televue.com/engine/TV3b_page.asp?id=3


Optical Cleaning Kit 
Has anti-static lens brush, cleaning solution, anti-static cloth, spec grabber.
  OCK 1 lb $25       Special $15

Solar Safety Film  Make your own White Light filter for viewing sun spots with your binoculars or telescope.  Baader AstroSolar Filter material and instructions.   Use scissors to cut film. Density 5 (0.00001 transmission) - for visual use. 1/2 meter size, 500 x 1000mm (19.7" x 39.4")    AS50HM   2 lbs  $110     Special $49
How to Make Your Own Objective Solar Filters for Binoculars, Cameras or Telescopes for Visual and Photographic Use.  Instructions 

Celestron     White Light Solar Filters   Limited  Specials
Solar Filter N80, N60, F80, F70
fits 3-15/16" tubes 94135 1 lb $50   $38
Solar Filter N4
 fits 4.5" diameter tubes  94129  1 lb  $60   $45


Adapter Plates       Use to mount Coronado SolarMax filter to your telescope.

AP185 DoubleStack Adapter for SM40
Add a same size filter to your existing filter to lower the bandwidth for better contrast of surface features. 1 lb shipping
$90 Special
AP169 Vixen/Celestron 102 FL SM90
3 lbs shipping
$220 Special


The front cover has a specially designed luminous planisphere that rotates to simulate the seasonal progression of celestial objects through the sky. When the planisphere is pre-exposed to light, star positions glow brightly against a dark background, mimicking actual constellations. More than a thousand stars and deep-sky objects are listed and charted. The illustrated reference section provides basic information and the visual characteristics of various types of stars, nebulae and galaxies. The maps measure 13¾" x 11½" and are printed on a heavyweight, moisture resistant card stock. Pages have a special comb binding so they can lay flat or be folded over. O107 2 lb $24       Special $10

 Planisphere           David H. Levy Guide to the Stars

Largest, most innovative and easiest to read. Circular star chart by famous astronomer - David H. Levy. The back is also loaded with beginner’s information. Waterproof plastic.   O105   16"  diameter  2 lbs   $20      Special $18

Binoculars  Everyone should have a pair of binoculars whether you have a telescope or not. They are compact, easy to use on a moments notice, portable, handy to keep in your car. Binoculars are sized by the magnification or power and by the diameter of the front lens (objective lens). A 10x50 binocular has 10 power. This makes the image you view appear 10 times larger or 10 times closer. The 50 stands for 50 millimeters (about 2”) diameter objective lens. Large objective lenses gather more light making image brighter, clearer with more detail and are preferred for night use. Optical coatings improve image sharpness and contrast. Coatings vary from Coated, Fully Coated, Multicoated, to Fully Multicoated on the better models. Most models are adaptable to mounting on a tripod for a more steady view. Eye relief is how far back in millimeters you can look and still see the full field of view. Eyeglass wearers need long eye relief.


Astronomy  Pictures Click on each picture for a larger view

16-23 July 2020
Comet Neowise

12 March 2013 Comet Pan-STARRS and Moon with thin crescent and earth shine.
Canon 60D, 0.8 seconds, ISO 1600, F2.8, 200mm, fixed tripod.
Comet and jet   Moon Moon and Jet
      5 June 2012
Venus Transit
of the sun. Lasted over 6 hours.
The next one is 11 December 2117
Many small sunspots are also visible.
20 May 2012
Partial Solar Eclipse
Mercury Transit of the sun as seen from Holton, Kansas on 8 November 2006 at about 1:30PM. Sunspot upper left, Mercury lower left. Equipment: TeleVue 101, Baader solar filter, Canon A70 camera. Next transit is 2016.

      8 June 2004
Venus Transit
of the sun at sun rise with clouds as seen from Holton, Kansas, lasting about 25 minutes here. The last sun picture taken several minutes after transit. Last event was 112 years ago. TeleVue 101 telescope.


Astronomy Picture of the Day
Earth Picture of the Day
Moon Picture of the Day
Mars Picture of the Day
Locate Space Station and Satellites
ISS Tracking
NASA-International Space Station
Sun and Moon rising times and more
Space Weather, Sunspots

The Messier Catalog listing
See the movie of comet Ikeya-Zhang.

Impact Earth with comet or asteroid See what happens with various size objects impacting the earth. There are fireballs, air blasts, long distance thermal effects,1200 mph winds, earthquakes, debris raining down and pilling up, etc.

Mount Wilson Observatory
Kitt Peak National Observatory
Palomar Observatory

Amateur Astronomy Magazine

Astronomy Magazine

Sky and Telescope Magazine

International Dark-Sky Association  Two out of three people in the United States of America no longer see the Milky Way with their naked eye because of light pollution. This light pollution can be decreased with the benefit of saving energy and improving safety. See web site: http://www.darksky.org

  Milky Way    

  Moon passing over Saturn
         click on picture to see a larger view.

This picture was taken from a digital movie made by holding a Camcorder to the eyepiece on a  TeleVue 101 telescope.  

Elk Creek Observatory
Holton High School
Holton, Kansas

Original White fiberglass dome (left) and new aluminum dome (right pictures). 20" RC telescope

This telescope is now at  Banner Creek Observatory & Science Center west of Holton.

Elk Creek Observatory was founded in November 2000 on the Holton High School Campus, in Holton, Kansas. It was originally built with grant funds from the Christa McAuliffe Grant Foundation, named after teacher Christa McAuliffe, who died in the 1986 Challenger disaster. The grant was written by Karen and Mike Ford. The original grant was in the amount of $31,200, which funded a 14" telescope, robotic mount, fiberglass dome (don't get one of these!!!!), and a CCD camera. Unified School District 336 also assisted with the funding for the building, which was designed and built by Bob Phillips Woods class. The observatory was done in late October 2000 and dedicated by Dr. Bruce Twarog, Professor of Astronomy at Kansas University, in November 2000. Students learned how to do CCD imaging (see images link) and how to use the images for research. The summer of 2003, the students wanted to get a larger telescope to use for projects. In July, Elk Creek Observatory housed a Meade 16" LX 200 GPS telescope for projects. This enabled them to get more light gathering power (a larger lens) for projects. In May 2003, Mike Ford presented a program to the Holton High School Alumni about the observatory. Since no one knew the observatory existed, it was a great opportunity to explain the facility and tell what projects were being worked on by students. After the presentation, several alums expressed interest in the project. Alum Bill Zirger had asked what would be the ultimate to work with and how much would it cost. After thinking about this for a couple of weeks, a list of equipment was put together with the cost. The entire package was right around $150,000!!!! The material list and cost was sent to Bill, where he and fellow alum Dennis Blossom talked to another alum, Senator Pat Roberts about getting this funded for the school district.

In December 2003, Senator Roberts called and talked to Coach Brooks Barta to congratulate him on winning the State 4A Football Championship AND told him to tell Mike that he had put in an appropriation for the observatory in the 2003 budget. Another phone call was received later in December from Senator Robert's assistant, Keith Yahle, who said the budget had passed the House, Senate and was on its way to the President to be signed into law. At that point, the newly equipped observatory was a reality. The appropriated funds would be through the Department of Education's Technology Initiative Program. February was a busy month writing a grant to the Department of Education to show how the funds would be used and people involved in the project. Upon completion of the grant in late March, it was approved in June and allocation of funds began in August. As of November 2004, a new dome has been installed (16.5-foot Ash Dome which I highly recommend), the new robotic mount, new Dell computers, software, a new large format STL-1301E CCD camera from Santa Barbara Instruments Group and a new large Starlab Portable Planetarium!! The telescope optical tube is a RC Optical Systems 20-inch Ritchey Chretien, which we had used at Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona. The optical tube was shipped out of Flagstaff, Arizona on Monday, November 29 and arrived on December 6th !! All of the electronics were received on December 7th!! With the kind assistance of Gary Hug of the Northeast Kansas Amatuer Astronomers League (NEKAAL) and HHS Advanced Space Science students, the observatory will be up and running in late December, early January.

Goals of Elk Creek Observatory:

Elk Creek Observatory is a public observatory/research facility to teach students and interested others research techniques in astronomy. Upon completion of the observatory, our group will be working on various projects to include black holes, blazars, occultations, extra solar planets, and Near Earth Objects. Students will also learn to work with astronomical technologies used in research to include CCD cameras, filters, and various software to analyze their image data. Students will also be working with NASA Project Scientists and submit their observations to various NASA agencies. In addition to research, Elk Creek Observatory will be hosting observing nights for the public to view through the new 20" telescope and the 14" telescope on specific nights, depending on weather conditions. Students will also be assisting with these sessions. Everyone is invited to come and view universe!! Please check with our link on the main page for information, or check the Holton Recorder. We can also present programs at your various functions or civic groups or various organizations may also schedule the observatory for viewing, depending on availability of the observatory.

The Elk Creek Observatory would not be possible without financial and service donations from the following businesses and individuals:

-Christa McAuliffe Fellowship Grant, -USD 336-ADS Distributing-Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carson and Family-Rob Marshall/Marshall Tool-Eubanks Custom Woodworks-Gary Hardy Dodge-Holton-Mr. and Mrs. Rod Taylor-HHS Chapter of SADD-HHS Student Council-Forrest Fernkopf-Lockheed-Martin Company-Mrs. Mary Kline-Prairie Band of Pottawatomie Tribe-Holton National Bank-Holton Country Mart-Donna Ford-Bob Phillips and his Tech Classes, Bill and JoAnn Phieffer, HHS Class of 1967 in Memory of: Kathleen Proctor, Mr. and Mrs. McBroom (parents of Bob McBroom),-HHS Space Science Class

Holton Astronomy Day April 2005

Mike Ford of Holton High School and Dr. Lynn Cominsky from California, Professor at Sonoma State University NASA Scientist with Kansas Wind Power's PST (Personal Solar Telescope)

   click on pictures to see a larger view.

Northern Lights

Aurora as seen in Kansas
5 Nov 2001
Looking East


29 Oct 03 Aurora
Holton, KS


 30 Oct 03 Aurora

Holton, KS


20 November 03 Aurora
Holton, KS looking East towards Kansas City. The yellow cloud is from Kansas City lights.



8 November 04

Holton, KS     10-11 PM

Night sky with clouds

8 November 04


9 November 04

Midnight to 2 AM


14 December 06

6 -10 PM


Kansas Sky

Comet Hale-Bopp  1997

Large heart shaped sunspot 18 August 2002.
This could also be seen without using a telescope by simply looking through the solar filter for eye protection.
These sunspot pictures were taken through the 4" TV101 refractor telescope with a solar filter using a camcorder.  
  Sun as seen through a Hydrogen alpha filter. This low quality picture is not near as good as what your eye would see. Loop from large sunspot 7sept05. About 8 times the size of earth.  



Venus & Jupiter


Mars, Moon, Venus, Jupiter

10 November 04


Saturn, Venus & Mercury

 June 2005


Jupiter, Venus, Moon Conjunction
Aug, Sept 2005

Kevin Rosero has collected 111 pictures from around the world of this 5 to 8 September 2005 conjunction. Click on The Conjunction Project to see his amazing report.





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