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14" snow

GE Elec-Trak Electric Garden Tractors

Joyfully mow an acre sized yard for only 25¢ of "fuel" with this electric vehicle.

Quiet,  Easy to operate,  Easy to maintain,  Powerful,  Economical.
No need to worry about gas prices or shortages.

Hawaii Story:  https://www.myelec-traks.com/hawaii.html

These battery powered lawnmowers were ahead of their time. GE made these in the early 1970’s. Models range from 8-16 horsepower equivalent, 36 volt with golf cart batteries in most models, mow 2 acres on a charge. Find one if you can. We have been using them since 1980.  Our costs to recharge the batteries after mowing 2 acres is only about 50¢. You can use solar, wind power or grid to recharge. No mower belts, gas fill ups, quieter than gas models.
Many accessories were made for these battery powered garden tractors. Not just an electric mower, but electric snow thrower, electric rototiller, electric/hydraulic front loader bucket with 500 pound lift capacity, electric arc welder, electric drill/grass trimmer/hedge trimmer, electric lawn edger, electric cultivator, electric lawn sweeper, electric rotary broom, electric rake, 120 volts AC inverter for portable or emergency power, electric chain saw and much more.

Information Packet shows various models and accessories such as mower decks, front loader bucket (can lift 500 lbs), electric drill, grass trimmer, hedge trimmer, lawn edger, weeder, 4' dozer blade, snow thrower, 30” rototiller, welder and more.
0.1 lbs $6

Owner’s Manual please specify model (E8R36, E8, E10, E12, E14, E15, E16, E20)
0.5 lbs $10

Home Owner’s Service Manual   Covers E8M, E10M, E12S, E12, E12M, E14, E15, E16, E20 models.
3 lbs $25


ER8-36 shown without mower deck.

We have various new parts that were made in the 1970's and never used and some used parts available. Not everything we have is listed.  Local pick up is preferred for large items. All items are sold as.



Plug and Cable  Plugs into the Rear PTO Outlet listed below. The red and black number 12 gauge wires are 52" long with ring terminals.   2 lbs $12  
Front Implement Mounting Bracket  Used with dozer blade, V-plow, snow thrower and pallet handler.  AP56 16 lbs



 ER 8-36 Rider Mower     Rider is $285    Mower deck is $275       Limited Special: Rider and Mower Deck for $295

Gearbox has 5 speeds forward 1 reverse. Uses three 12 volt batteries connected in series for 36 volts. Drive motor is belt drive to gearbox then chain drive to rear axle with differential.  Rated to mow 3/4 acre on a charge or more with a short recharge. Has rear tow hitch, brake/clutch pedal, convenient mowing height adjustment handle. It is easy to climb aboard and the steering wheel is easier to turn than on most mowers. Save time trimming around fences, buildings, trees, bushes and flowers with the tight 24" turning radius. Has one drive motor and the 36" Mower deck has two mower motors.  Some parts are missing.


Sold Sold







Seat Pan  $12   Grass Trimmer Head TH80 5 lbs $39 Caster Support for front mount mower decks  $12

Used E15 Traction Motor 
Shaft is 7/8" diameter by 1-1/2" long. 62 lbs $220

Mower Blades for E8M, E10M, ER 8-36
New old stock never have been used. 18" 

E8 Blades
2 lbs $18 each





Permanent Magnet Field Motors
 36 VDC, 3600 rpm, 3/4" shaft diameter. Original Elec-Trak Mower Deck Motors for Mid-Mount Mower Decks. Adaptable for Front Mount Mowers.

These are used on the mower decks of General Electric and New Idea electric tractors. 36 volt 3600 rpm, (or 1/2 HP - 2400 rpm on 24 volt, or 1/4 HP—1200 rpm on 12 volt). Motors are 4.5” diameter, continuous duty, ball bearing, reversible. Mounting flange is 6" in diameter. Shaft is 15/16” x 3/4” diameter with keyway and 5/6” threaded hole in shaft end for mounting a hub and blade. A rubber sealing washer is on the shaft to help shield bearing from dirt. High starting torque. Use for go carts, electrathons, shop tools. Motors are adaptable to various decks by using spacers between mounting flange and mower deck to achieve proper blade height for mowing.

Standard on the ER8-36 E8M, E10M  36" mid-mount mower deck with 2 blades. A snap disk circuit breaker is mounted under the metal side cover. Motor is 8" long not including the shaft.   PM3  17 lbs Sold

Standard on the ER8-36 E8M, E10M  36" mid-mount mower deck with 2 blades. Can also be adapted to other mowers. A snap disk circuit breaker is mounted on motor side. Motor is 8" long not including the shaft. Only 1 is available.  PM4  17 lbs $165  

Modified Mounting Method

This is one way to mount a mower motor when the flange is not located  properly for your mower deck.

Example of using longer bolts and lengths of pipe for spacers to mount motor the proper height when the flange is not in standard location on the motor.

Underside of mower. This has been used for over 18 years and is still okay.


The items listed below have been sold and are shown for informational purposes.
E15 Garden Tractor  with 30" RotoTiller, Mounting Bracket, Electric Rear Lift, Front Implement Mounting Bracket and 48" dozer blade. Crating and shipping is extra. Local pick up would be best. Model 26AE15AA   SOLD     

48" Dozer Blade Angle adjustment from driver's seat, height adjustment, adjustable angle of attack on replaceable wear blade, trip springs protect against blade damage. AB48 95 lbs SOLD

Electric Rear Lift Switch controlled lift motor for up and down. Used with RotoTiller, Sleeve Hitch and Implements. AP50 25 lbs SOLD

30 " Electric RotoTiller This large tiller can be center mounted or offset. Includes  motor with belt and chain drive. Adjustable belt tension. VV100 230 lbs SOLD

RotoTiller Mounting Bracket Mounts to tractor frame and axle. Used with rototiller. VV101 29 lbs SOLD


   E12M GE Elec Trak  with 42" Mid mount mower  Sold

12 horsepower class, 3 forward and 2 reverse throttle speeds for each of 3 gear ranges, Mid-mount mower for tighter cutting radius, High back foam seat, Electric accessory outlet, PTO outlet, headlights, dash light, Fuel level and power use meter, adjustable mowing height.

E12M is the middle tractor

E12 Mid Mount Mower Deck, 42", Rebuild or use for parts. It has been stored inside while we have had it. The original history is unknown. The shaft on one motor can be turned, one motor can be wiggled and the other is stuck. The motors would need rebuilding. Three of the four mounting arms are on the deck. One of the mounting pins is broken off. Shipping is by truck or possibly UPS. Deck weighs 105 pounds without box or pallet. $450 Sold



Hawaii Story:  https://www.myelec-traks.com/hawaii.html



Carrier for Golf Bags and Other Items  Holds 2 golf bags. Use as Weight Box for better traction or as a small carry all. Transport tools, hay bales, fertilizer and other objects. Mounts easily on back of tractor.  BG33 Sold

Grass Trimmer Head TH80

Used Hedge Trimmer Head TH70



25' Extension Cord with twist lock plugs
HT25   Sold

Power Handle
36 Volt DC, long cord with twist lock plug
TM3  Sold

Hedge Trimmer, Grass Trimmer, Power Handle, Drill Head, Extension Cord  Sold

3/8 " Drill Head

Lawn Edger/Trimmer, use as vertical edger or horizontal trimmer. Motor and blade rotates 90 degrees. Has two wheels. Handle shaft is about 42" long. Requires HT25 extension cord or similar cord. Looks similar to pictures.


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