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Inverters are electronic devices used to change DC battery power into 120 volt AC house power. These models are efficient, reliable and easy to use. The idle power loss is low, so most inverters can be left on 24 hours a day. Large inverters have a high surge rating which is good for starting motors. The starting current surge for a motor is 3 to 5 times the running current. Most AC appliances and power tools will run on an inverter as long as the inverter is not overloaded. The power company (“grid power”) produces a sine wave electricity while many inverters produce a modified square wave.

Inverters are used in homes, cabins, boats, RVs and job sites. They provide quiet AC power compared to an engine generator. A generator’s run time and operating costs are greatly reduced by using an inverter and battery bank. The inverter and battery bank can supply AC power 24 hours a day. The generator is used to recharge the battery. Solar and wind power can be added to help charge the battery and reduce the generator run time even more. Use a proper size fuse or circuit breaker between inverter and battery.

12 volt, 2800 watt   OutBack Inverter Package   Special $1595      77 lbs         $3285 value

OutBack Sinewave Inverter/Charger 12 volt, 2800 watt VFX2812  63 lbs $2600

DC Cover, 4 lbs  $55

Ground Fault Protection Breakers GFP/2  3 lbs  $130

Display/Control Mate B 4 lbs $300

Communications Hub 4 3 lbs $200



Used 24 volt, 4000 watt Magnum Inverter MS4024 sine wave inverter and Digital LCD Display Remote MERC50 $750

New these cost about $2700.   Scroll down to Magnum section to see the specifications for these items.


  24 volt, 3000 watt, 120VAC, All-In-One Inverter/Charger with 2000 watt, 80 amp MPPT solar charge controller, stackable for more watts at 120 volts or 240 volts.  Solar input 30 - 115 volts with a maximum of 145 volts and 2000 watts. No load idle watts less than 50. Made in China for Growatt. Demo unit. SPF3000TL LVM24P 30 lbs $750


The ONE Inverter/Charger by MidNite Solar

48 volt, 10000 watt or 11,400 watt with PV, 120/240 volts AC

MN15-12KAIO  120 LBS  $5150


Has built-in breakers and connections.

Max. Efficiency (PV To AC 98.0%
Max. Efficiency (BAT To AC) 94.5%
Max. PV Input Power 15,000W Max.
PV Voltage 600V
Start-Up Voltage 90V
MPPT Operating Voltage Range 70V-550V
Max. Input Current Per MPPT 30A/22A/22A
String (Per MPPT) 6(2/2/2)
Number Of MPPTs 3
Battery Type Lithium-Ion/Lead-Acid Or Other
Nominal Battery Voltage 48V
Battery Voltage Range 40V-64V
Max. Charge/Discharge Current 210A/210A
Grid Frequency Range 45Hz-55Hz/55Hz-65Hz (Adjustable)
Power Factor > 0.99 @Rated Power (Adjustable 0.8 LG - 0.8 LD)
THDI> <3% (Rated Power)
Nominal Output Power 11.4KW Continuous
Nominal Output Current A/47.5A
Peak Output Apparent Power(1s) 20,000VA (13,000VA Per Leg)
Nominal Output Voltage 120/240V (Split Phase) / 208V (2/3 Phase)
Nominal Output Frequency 50 Hz /60Hz
Transfer Time <10ms
THDV <3% @100% R Load
DC Switch YES
AC Overcurrent Protection YES
DC/AC Overvoltage Protection DC Type II, AC Type III
AC Short Circuit Protection YES
DC Reverse Connection YES
Surge Arrester DC Type II, AC Type II
Insulation Resistance Detection YES
Leakage Current Protection YES
RSD Yes (APsystems Sunspec Transmitter Built In)
Generator YES
Max. Operation Altitude 6500FT / 2000M
Ingress Protection Degree IP65/NEMA 3R
Operating Temperature Range -25~60C(>450 Derating)
Relative Humidity 0~100%
Cooling Method Fan Cooling
Mounting Wall Bracket
Dimensions (W*H*D) 16.5W X 38.3L X 10.27D Inch (420mm X 973mm X 261mm)
Weight 44.45Kg/98Ib
PV Connection Spring Terminals
Display Wireless & APP + LED , LCD (Optional)
Communication Interface RS485/CAN (For BMS), DRM/RS485 (For Meter), RS485
Optional: WiFi /LAN
Agency Approvals UL1741SB, IEEE1547: 2018, HECO SRD 2.0 UL 1741/CSA C22.2/UL 1699B
EMC FCC Part 15 Class B
Warranty 10 Years


The MidNite All In One (AIO) Is A 11,400 Watt System That Features Three Powerful MPPT Charge Controllers And Three 120/240VAC Programmable Outputs That Can Be Utilized For Load Shedding Or Opportunity Loads. The MidNite AIO Employs Features Not Found In Other AIO Inverters Following The MidNite Legacy Of Providing Industry Shaping Products. The AIO’s 3 Integrated 120/240VAC Outputs Can Replace An External Programmable Distribution Box Saving You Thousands In Installation Costs. Heavy Use Loads Can Be Controlled Based On User Defined Parameters. The MidNite AIO Provides Customizable Settings To Tailor Your System Perfectly To Your Electrical Needs A Flexibility Not Offered By Any Existing All In One Inverter On The Market.

The AIO’s 3 MPPT Inputs Are Capable Of Utilizing The Full 600VDC Allowed By The NEC. Most All In One Inverters Only Have An MPPT Window Up To 500VDC. The AIO Takes Advantage Of The Full Allowable 600VDC Allowing You More Powerful Arrays To Meet Your Usage Demands.Real Time Monitoring And Control Through Our Web Based App Allows You To View Your System Online Or View The Inverters Performance From The Built In Display.


bullet 30A, 50A & 60A 120/240VAC Branch Circuit Breakers With Programmable Relays For Load Shedding And AC Inputs For Generator And AC Coupling.
bullet Three 15 Amp And One 20 Amp 120V AC Load Breakers
bullet UL1741SB Sell To Grid, Self Consumption With CT’s Or Off Grid Mode
bullet Residential And Commercial
bullet Up To 200% Oversizing Allowed With 3 MPPTs
bullet Supports Up To 30A PV Input Current
bullet Supports AC Coupling
bullet Supports Self-Consumption
bullet Works With Our Standard Battery Temp Sensor MNBTS NOT Included.
bullet Arc Fault, Ground Fault And Rapid Shut Down Included
bullet 100A AC Pass Through With Input And Output Breakers For NEC Compliance
bullet Read Robins Article On 200A Passthroughs Click Here
bullet All AC And DC Breakers Are Magnetic Hydraulic Allowing For 100% Continuous Duty
bullet 250 Amp CBI Magnetic Hydraulic Battery Breaker
bullet Supports 40-64VDC Lithium Or Lead-Acid Battery
bullet Maximum Battery Charge/Discharge Current Of 210A
bullet Stable Output Power
bullet Continuous 100% AC Power (11.4KW With PV, 10Kw Without PV)
bullet Unbalance Load Surge Kicks Butt
bullet Supports 120/240/208VAC Connections
bullet Seamless Backup Transition (<10ms)
bullet Stackable Up To 9 Units
bullet Standby Generator Connection For Whole-Home Back Up
bullet Remote Configuration And Upgrade
bullet 10 Year Warranty


Rosie Inverter by MidNite Solar    RE and Marine models.  Made in USA
48 volt, 7000 watt Inverter/Charger 120 or 120/240 volts AC
Latest innovation in power technology has many capabilities. Incredibly lightweight making it easy to install. Stackable in parallel for more power. Has 120 amps DC Charging, includes Battery Temperature Sensor, Power factor corrected charging, compatible with Lithium, Flooded, AGM, Gel batteries. Quiet fan cooling, State Of Charge monitoring with optional MidNite Wizbang Jr. and MNGP2, Die cast aluminum enclosure, Auto gen start (two-wire generators), Remote battery voltage sensor, Canbus communications, , 95% efficient at full power, low 30 watts idle power and 7 watts with search, 40 to 65VDC input, 60 AC amps maximum for 1 minute, Listings for UL1741, UL458 & CSA 107.1, 14" x 20.6" x 8" 43 lbs
RE for Homes/Offices.

Marine model
has neutral to ground bond switching interally, 120v input auto sense for RVs that connect to 50A 120/240 volts or 30A 120 volts.
Accessories: ROSIE E-PANEL, MNGP2 display, MNHAWKE'SBAY and MNBCLNA solar charge  controllers.

For Homes/Office MN7048RE 50 lbs $4350 Special $3263
For RV/Marine       MN7048M  50 lbs $4350 Special $3263


The MNGP2 graphics and programming module allows communication, monitoring, and programming of Rosie and future MidNite products from a single unit. It is included with the solar charge controllers: Hawke's Bay and Barcelona. The rotary dial provides easy access to all menus and devices on the network as well as the selection of custom programming within the various sub-menus. 3.5" x 7.25" x 6.125".
4 lbs $275  Special $207

The Rosie E-Panel is an AC and DC enclosure offering over-current protection (OCP) and disconnects for AC IN, AC OUT, and to the battery bank. The E-Panel is designed specifically for the MidNite Solar MNROSIE7048 inverter/charger but may be used with any 120/240VAC inverter at 60A AC IN and OUT and 65VDC/100A out. 13.8" x 8.3" x 14"
Standard features include: Terminal block to attach optional MidNite Solar Surge Protection Devices, Styled to match the MNROSIE7048 inverter/charger, 80VDC, 300A, battery positive circuit breaker, 60A AC IN and AC OUT circuit breakers, 60A AC Bypass circuit, Breaker assembly, Optional backplate for mounting, Ground busbar, and Listed to UL1741.

23 lbs $890 Special $668

Rosie Backplate

For mounting the Rosie and Rosie Breaker Box. Includes hardware to mount the inverter and breaker box to the backplate. Powder Coated to match the Rosie. Includes QTY10 1/4-20 x ¾ Black Oxide screws with Black Flat washers.33.44" x 14.54" x 1",
Backplate   15 lbs  $150



24 volt, 4000 watt Samlex EVO 120 volt AC

Samlex America's Evolution™ Series robust true sine-wave inverter/chargers. Includes AC transfer switch, Active Power Boost for 150% of continuous power output for 5 seconds, 120% for 5 minutes or 110% for 30 minutes. Nine point internal fault protection,  No load power draw is 25 watts and sleep mode is 8 watts. Peak efficiency is 94%. Has two 120 volt AC inputs for grid and generator with grid priority. Battery charging is based on battery condition not just charging time. There are external DC charging input terminals for 50 amps Solar Charging from a separate solar charge control (not included).  Two year warranty, Inverter is 16.8" x 12.8" x 8.15" Made in Taiwan. EVO4024 79 lbs $2500

Programmable Remote Control Display Meter is required to change parameters and operating modes on inverter. It provides real time and data logged performance details, inverter charger status, power ON/OFF, switching to standby. Meter takes a removable SD card (up to 16GB, not included) to record data for system monitoring. Three year warranty. (not for split phase inverters)  EVORC  4 lbs $165


48 volt, 4200 watt Samlex EVO Inverter/Charger with Split Phase 120/240 Volts AC

Continuous power at 120 volt single phase is 2100 watts and at 120/240 volt split phase is 4200 watts. Maximum continuous input current is 137 amp DC. Input voltage range is 36-68 volt DC. Inverter peak efficiency is 93%, No load power consumption in normal mode is <30 watt, in power saving mode is < 8 watts and in standby mode < 5 watts. AC charging is 17.5 Amps AC at 120 Volts equals 30 Amps DC and 17.5 Amps at 240 Volts AC is 60 Amps DC. Maximum solar charging amps from a solar charge controller is 100 Amp DC. 3 year warranty, 12.8" x 16.8" x 8.15"  Made in Taiwan.
76 lbs $2699


Programmable Remote Control Display For Samlex EVO Inverters. Record performance data on a removable SD card (not included) such as historic power consumption, inverter functionality, battery charging activity, and many other parameters. Identifies detected faults and the conditions leading up to them. Analyze trends for more efficient use of off-grid resources. Provides real time and logged details, indicates status of inverter and charging modes, has power ON/OFF or switch to Standby. EVORCPlus 4 lbs $195


All-In-One Inverter/Chargers with built-in Solar MPPT Charge Controller
These have a meter display, are compact, low cost and easier to install.
DC Volts Watts Surge KW AC
 PV Input Watts Max
PV Amps
Input Volts
Max PV Input
Battery Charger Amps Max Battery Charging Idle
~ Size Inches LBS Model Price
24 3000 6 120 1600   30-85 100 60 40 100 50 14.9x11 x 4 19 MN3024DIY $745
48 5000 10 120 5000   120-450 500 80 40 80 50 16.8x13.3 x 5 26 MN5048DIY $1139
48 6000 12 120/240 8000 17 + 17 120-385 480 125 115 125 50 18 x 25.5 x 5.25 53 EG46000XP $1499
48 11,400 20 120/240 15,000 30+22+22 90-550 600     210 85 16.5 x 38.3 x 10.27 98 MN15-12KAIO $5150
48 12000 15.5 120/240 18,000 25+15+15 120-500 600 250 250 250 70 34.3x20.5 x11.2 122 EG418KPV12LV $5999
48 12000 30 120/240 19,5000 26+26+26 125-425 500     275 90 32x18.3 x 11 135 SA15K $8250


Midnite Solar Inverter/Charger
with built-in solar MPPT charge controller

Offering a simple, all-in-one installation and flexible programming, the new MidNite Solar Inverter/charger DIY Series will charge virtually any battery chemistry. With excellent surge capability, the DIY Series will start the most demanding 120VAC loads. Perfect for your off-grid cabin or house. Designed to be affordable, and dependable.   Manufactured in China for MidNite Solar. 1 year warranty


User Manuals:  MN3024DIY     MN5048DIY

  24VDC  3000 watt
Max Solar Input: 150 volts, 1600 watts
14.9" L x 11.03" W x 4.06" H

19 lbs  $800    Special $745

  48VDC  5000 watt
Max Solar Input: 500 volts, 5000 watts
16.93" L x 13.31" W x 4.96" H
26 lbs $1250   Special $1139

bulletSystem Voltage: 24VDC
bulletMax Rated Power: 3000W
bulletSurge Power: 6000W
bulletPower Factor: 1
bulletInput Voltage: 120VAC
bulletInput Voltage Range: 85-140VAC +- 2% Adjustable
bulletInput/Output Frequency: 60Hz
bulletOutput Voltage: 120VAC +- 5%
bulletOutput Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
bulletPeak Efficiency: >95%
bulletMax AC Charging Current: 40A
bulletInternal Bypass Current: Up to 40A
bulletConversion (Bypass and Invert): 10ms
bulletMax PV Input Power: 1600W
bulletMax PV Charging Current: 60A
bulletMax PV Input Voltage: 100V
bulletMPPT Voltage Range: 30 - 85V
bulletBattery Type: Lead Acid or Lithium
bulletBattery Voltage Range: 20 - 33V DC
bulletNominal Battery Voltage: 24V
bulletOperating Temperature: -15C ~ 55C
bulletStorage Temperature: -25C ~ 60C
bulletHumidity: 5% ~ 95% (3 Layer Paint Protection)
bulletSystem Voltage: 48VDC
bulletMax Rated Power: 5000W
bulletSurge Power: 10000W
bulletPower Factor: 1
bulletInput Voltage: 120VAC
bulletInput Voltage Range: 90-140VAC +- 2% Adjustable
bulletInput/Output Frequency: 60Hz
bulletOutput Voltage: 120VAC +- 5%
bulletOutput Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
bulletPeak Efficiency: >95%
bulletMax AC Charging Current: 40A
bulletInternal Bypass Current: Up to 63A
bulletConversion (Bypass and Invert): 10ms
bulletMax PV Input Power: 5000W
bulletMax PV Charging Current: 80A
bulletMax PV Input Voltage: 500V
bulletMPPT Voltage Range: 120 - 450V
bulletBattery Type: Lead Acid or Lithium
bulletMax AC Battery Charging Current: 40A
bulletMax PV Battery Charging Current: 80A
bulletBattery Voltage Range: 40 - 60V DC
bulletOperating Temperature: -15C ~ 55C
bulletStorage Temperature: -25C ~ 60C
bulletHumidity: 5% ~ 95% (3 Layer Paint Protection)


6000watt, 48VDC, 120/240VAC All-In-One Inverter/Charger
with built-in dual solar MPPT charge controller.   Max Solar Input: 480 volts, 10,000 watts (5000 watts each controller)

Transformerless (for lighter weight, high efficiency), pure sine wave, high frequency, split-phase design with 120/240 volts with a single inverter. Parallel up to 16 inverters for up to 96,000 watts. Built-in breakers for AC Grid and AC Generator Input, Inverter AC Output, High voltage solar input disconnect switch save hundreds of dollars and simplify installation. Connect up to 10,000 watts of solar modules. High efficiency: 99% MPPT, 93% battery charging and discharging, 50 watts idle consumption. Lithium and lead acid battery compatible. Includes Wi-Fi device for wireless monitoring. 53 pounds, 18" x 25.5" x 5.25" Manufactured in China for Luxpower. 5 year warranty.

   EG46000XP  73 lbs $1499

Special 2 inverters with 2 inverter to battery cables (1 AWG 84 inches) 2EG46000XP 156 lbs $2999


Sol-Ark Solar Inverter/Charger with built-in solar MPPT charge controller
New 15K model with up to 19,500 watts Solar Input!

The Sol-Ark inverters can be used as a grid-tie PV inverter with or without a battery, or as an off grid inverter. The inverters feature Grid-Sell without batteries; Grid-Sell with battery backup; Grid-tied with Zero Export with or without storage; Time-of-Use/Peak Shaving; prioritized charging from renewables; and off grid. The Zero Export features can use any of the loads in the house, including those on the main service panel, what we call “primary” self-supply. Backup power is available to support the loads connected to the backup loads panel, with an extremely fast transfer time of 4ms.

These inverters use DC coupling from solar to grid and battery for greater overall efficiency. An AC coupled direct grid-tie inverter can also be used as the only source of solar or combined with DC coupled solar. The Sol-Ark can use any commonly available 48 VDC battery bank, including flooded, AGM, gel lead acid batteries, or 48 VDC nominal Lithium batteries. PV input voltage range is 150-500 VDC, allowing for longer PV strings. There are two MPPT inputs so that most any combination of modules can be accommodated. The inverter has both ground fault and arc fault protection built in. CT's can be installed on the house AC lines for export control and monitoring. Standby draw is 60 W. Included is a 250 ADC battery breaker, 63 AAC AC input and output breakers, and a 50 AAC generator input breaker. A battery temperature sensor, ground fault, and arc fault protection are included. There is a color touch screen on the front of the inverter (keep out of the sun). They are capable of WiFi and Ethernet to app or internet for monitoring and control.

Sol-Ark 8k-48-ST and Sol-Ark 5k-48-ST come with a 5 year warranty, and 10 years optional. The Sol-Ark 12k-P Comes with a 10 year warranty. Multiple units of the Sol-Ark 12k-P can be stacked if more power is needed.

The Sol-Ark 12k-P-EMP is enhanced with Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) protection built in and surge suppressors for the input and output circuits. This gives extra protection from strong solar storms or EMP weapons. This is a special order item. 

Many NEC rapid shutdown systems work with the Sol-Ark. APSystems, Tigo, and IMO FireRaptor can be used for module level shutdown. Either the switch on the inverter or a remote normally open switch can be used to trigger rapid shutdown. EMP hardening is an available option. Meets UL1741-2010/2018, IEEE1547a-2003/2014, FCC 15 class B, UL1741SA, CA Rule 21, HECO Rule 14H

New, now NEMA 3R outdoor rated. Dimensions are 30" H x 16.8" W x 9.4" D, 78 lbs. Operating temperatures of -13 °F to +130 °F (-25 °C to +55 °C).


  Available modes; grid sell, meter zero, time of use, smart load, peak shaving, off grid
  20 kW peak power surge to loads for 5 seconds
  Balance of Systems in one box
  Sol-Ark 12k can be parallel stacked (1-9)
  System monitoring and control with WiFi or Ethernet  
   Open loop communications with many LiFePO type batteries, including Discover AES

For Net Metering applications, if you have a 200A or greater service, you will need to buy a 200A Current Transformer pair. Sol-Ark inverters come with 100A CTs that are appropriate for 2/0 wire. The 200A CTs support 4/0 wire.
Listed by Battery Inverter Watts
5000 Watt
SA5K-48-ST 75 lbs
8000 Watt
SA8K-48-ST 75 lbs
9000 Watt SA12K-P 80 lbs $7100
9000 Watt
SA12K-PEMP 80 lbs
12000 Watt SA15K 90 lbs $8250
CT PAIR  5 lbs

Comparison Chart


Schneider Electric Inverter/Chargers Split Phase 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
SW4048 48 volt, 3400 watts continuous, 4400 watts for 30 minutes, 7000 watt surge, 15.2 AC amps maximum continuous output, 41 AC amps peak output, 27 watts no load draw, 11 watts idle consumption search mode, 94% inverter efficiency, 45 DC amps battery charging, 92% charger efficiency, DC Input: 40-64 Volt DC, Maximum continuous power voltage range 46-48 VDC, Maximum battery current 105 ADC. Selectable 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Split phase 120/240 Volt AC, Two inverters may be connected in parallel for double the output. SW4048 77 lbs $1896

System Control Panel Graphical backlit LCD, selectively displays configuration, status and diagnostic information for all devices connected to the Xanbus network.   SPC 4 lbs $395



Magnum Inverter/Chargers     Made in USA              Powerful - Cost Effective

Sine Wave Model MS is for Mobile or Off grid use.

Model MS4024PAE and MS4448PAE have dual output voltage of 120 and 240 volts AC.

Modified Wave Models ME is for Mobile RV, Marine, Truck use &
is for Backup Grid power, Off grid, Solar, Wind, Hydro use.

Magnum inverters have advance design with improved technology and reliability. Models MS, ME and RD include Power Factor Corrected (sine wave) battery chargers that are 85%-90% efficient with five stage charging: Bulk, Absorb, Float, Equalize and Battery Saver™. Ordinary battery chargers and other brands of modified wave inverters with chargers are only 50-60% efficient. They waste generator fuel, can take 40% longer to charge a battery and may have less than full charging rate output on many generators.

Convenient on/off switch with indicator light, all modules over 1500 watts use the same optional remote control and optional Auto Generator Start module, have Flash programming for memory upgrades, same easy wire hookups, fit the same E-Panel, variable speed fan cooled, easy field servicing with replaceable conformal coated circuit boards, fast 16 msecs transfer relay is 50 amp rated. Multiple ports: including an RS485 communication port for network expansion and a remote port. Large AC terminal cover for better access.

Search Mode low power amps are .2 for ME and .3 for MS and RD models.

Dual AC output voltage.  MS4024PAE and MS4448PAE models have 120 volt and 240 volt AC output. Up to 80% of power rating is available on one 120 volt output side. Up to 4 PAE inverters may be connected in parallel for more power.

2 year warranty on RD series. 3 year warranty on ME and MS series. Lightweight aluminum cover is 13.75” x 12.65” x 8”. Mount on shelf, wall, E-Panel or even upside down. MS, ME and RD inverters have the same physical size, mounting and wiring connections. Remote battery sensor included.

Model Input
 Watts   5 second
Charger lbs Price

Sine Wave

MS2012 12  2000 3300 100a 48 $2165
MS2812 12 2800 3900 125a 58 $2385
MS2024 24 2000 5800 60a 48 $2110
MS4024 24 4000 5800 105a 63 $2455
MS4024PAE 24 4000 5800 105a 63 $2835
MS4048 48 4000 8500 60a 63 $2590
MS4448PAE 48 4400 8500 60a 63 $2635

Modified Wave

RD2212 12 2200 3700 100a 49 $1410
RD2824 24 2800 6000 80a 50 $1550
RD3924 24  3900 9000  105a 56 $1870
Mobile Inverters for RV, Marine, Truck
Sine Wave    
MMS1012 12 1000 1750 50a 24 $1265
Modified Wave
ME2012  12 2000 3700 100a 49 $1390
ME2512 12 2500  5000 120a 50 $1480
ME3112  12 3100 6000  160a 50  $1710

Shown with recommended optional Remote Meter

Series Stacking Interface  Connects two MS4024 inverters together for 120 volt and 240 volt AC output. MESSI 6 lbs  $

MM-AE Inverter/Chargers        Versatile, Easy-to-use, Cost-effective


These modified square wave inverters provide a cost effective solution for smaller systems. The Power Factor corrected charger is 85% efficient. It uses less energy from a generator than a standard battery charger. This saves fuel, time and wear on the generator.  2 year warranty. 16.6” x 8.4” x 4.7”

600 watt  12 volt 30 amp PFC Charger    MM612AE 16 lbs  $630   Special $499 

1500 watt, 12 volt 70 amp PFC Charger MM1512AE 22 lbs $1033  Special $820


1500 watt, 24 volt 35 amp PFC Charger MM1524AE 22 lbs $1028  Special $815


  Remote Control  6 LED with 25’ cable, MMR 2 lbs $68    Special $55        or use full featured Digital LCD Display Remote MERC50 

MM 600 watt Inverter only (no battery charger feature)    Lower Cost

Modified square wave inverter. Ratings: continuous current 5 amps AC, 30 minutes power of 675 watts, 5 minute surge of 950 watts, no load power of 10 watts, search mode of 3 watts, input voltage range 9-16 volts DC. Has AC transfer relay. 2 year warranty. 16.6” x 8.4” x 4.7”
600 watt, 12 volt MM612  16 lbs  $555  Special $425  

Digital LCD Display Remote
MERC50  2 lbs  $275       Special $220

Remotely monitor and control MS, ME and RD inverters. Simplest to use, has full set-up features with one-knob™ programming. Optional control of Automatic Gen Start using network connections.
Controls: Charger on/off, Inverter on/off.
Indicators for Power, Fault, Charger, Inverter.
Soft Keys for Shore, AGS, Meter, Setup, Tech.
Energy Saver turns off display and LEDs after 5 minutes from last use. Turns on again whenever a change is detected. 50’ 4 wire cable.
Flush mounting, cutout 2.75” x 4.75”.
3 year warranty 3.75” x 5.75” x 1.125”

Advanced Digital LCD Display Remote          MEARC50 2 lbs $340  Special $275
Similar to above meter but with favorites and nonvolatile memory (retains settings when power is turned off). The
ME-ARC is simple to use, yet allows full set-up of all the standard and advanced features available in Magnum inverters. The ME-ARC also has the option of controlling the advanced features of the ME-AGS-N Automatic Gen Start and the ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit using a network connection to the inverter. This remote has convenient finger-tip operation, including the new one-knob programming.

Note: All settings/setup menus in the ME-ARC are compatible with MS-PAE Series inverter/chargers. If you are using the ME-ARC with another inverter/charger (other than the MS-PAE Series), some features and setup menus may not be compatible with your inverter and will not function. Contact Magnum Energy to determine if a particular feature/setup menus provided in the ME-ARC are compatible with your inverter. Phone 425-353-8833 Everett, Washington.

Stacking Router and Display
Connect 2, 3 or 4 same model PAE inverters together in parallel for more wattage.
ME-RTR  3 lbs  $520    Special $410

The ME-RTR, or "router" provides parallel capability for the MS-PAE Series inverters and includes many of the same features as the ME-ARC advanced remote control.

The router is designed with a user-friendly LCD display and rotary SELECT knob that allows all connected MS-PAE (or MS-PE) Series inverter/chargers to be programmed in sync without the need to program each inverter separately. The router will accommodate up to four MSPAE inverter/chargers in parallel plus accessories. Includes CAT5 cables.

Note: If you are planning on connecting the MS-PAE Series inverter in parallel with another MS-PAE Series inverter, ensure they all have revision 5.1 or higher.

Battery Monitor Kit 12-48 volts


A “fuel gauge” showing percentage of battery charge, real time amps, amp hours, minimum and maximum DC volts.  The MERC50 Remote Display is needed with this to access information. Kit includes sense module, 500 amp shunt and wiring.  MEBMK  3 lbs  $235        Special $195

Auto Generator Start Module

Automatically start your engine generator based on battery voltage or room temperature (for air conditioner power). Available as a fully networked system or standalone system. Starts most diesel or gas generators. Adjustable settings include: Start Volts DC, Temperature, Quiet Time and 24 Hour Clock.  Controller is 3" x 5.2" x 1.33". Remote switch is 2.25" x 3.25" x 1.5". 3 year warranty.

Network model. 3-relay with voltage and temperature Start. Includes 10' network cable. MEAGS-N 3 lbs  $353  Special $280 

Standalone model. 3-relay with voltage and temperature Start. The ME-AGS-S Auto Generator Start controller is used in applications that do not include a Magnum inverter.  MEAGS-S 3 lbs $353  Special $280 

Earlier networking model Version 3.1. Includes 10' network cable. New in the box.
Less than one third price.  MEAGS 3 lbs  $350 

 Special  $99

We also have OutBack and Schneider Electric (formerly Xantrex, Trace) Inverters 

 Sine Wave Inverter     300 watt, 12 volt


Morningstar SureSine inverter is rated 300 watts continuous and 600 watts surge for 10 minutes. Self consumption power draw is: .45 amps on with no load, .025 amps off and .055 amps (about 2/3 watt) in standby. The 60 Hz 115 volt AC output can be connected to a breaker box. There is no outlet on inverter. The DC input connections accept 2 gauge wire. The SureSine inverter does not use an internal fan and has epoxy encapsulation, conformal coating, stainless steel hardware with an anodized aluminum enclosure. 92% maximum efficiency,  10-15.5 volts input,  AC short circuit and AC overload protected, low and high battery disconnect. 2 year warranty.  8.4” x 6” x 4.1”

I300  10 lbs   $375

DR Display inverter case, new, (non-operational) looks like real inverter. Use for display, mockup or spare parts for another inverter. 
20 lbs $130
Special $19

Need 240 volts AC?      OutBack Auto Transformer

Step-up 120 volt or step-down 240 volt. Change inverter 120 volt output to 240 volts. Nice for water pumps and other 240 volt loads. Use as a balancing transformer for a 240 volt generator to get full output at 120 volt.

Use for step-up, step-down, generator and split phase balancing or a series stacked inverter to load balancing auto-former. Transformer has 120 volt/30 amp primary and secondary side, temperature activated cooling fan, 25 amp dual breaker in a steel enclosure.12 watts idle power consumption 12-3/8" x 8" x 6". Rated 6 KVA.

PSX240  45 lbs  $700            PSX240kit without enclosure 37 lbs  $550


  Exeltech    Sine Wave Inverters
125 — 1100 watts        12-120 volts DC input          120 volts AC output

Lightweight, compact, efficient, 120 volt AC output, built-in AC outlet. With a sine wave output, most stereos, TVs, computers, front load clothes washer, radio equipment and other electronics will operate better than on modified square wave. Most copiers, laser printers a some cordless tool battery chargers will be damaged on non-sine wave power. Efficiency is 85-90%. Search mode not available. Protected for over voltage, under voltage, high temperature, reverse polarity, shorts and overload.   Made in USA. 66 VDC available special order.

XP125  Small portable with cigarette lighter plug. 125 watt continuous, 150 watt surge, 5 watts no load power. 1 outlet. 5” x 2.2” x 7.9”
125 watt,  12 volt,     5 lbs    $295  
125 watt,  24 volt,       5 lbs    $295
125 watt, 32/36 volt, 5 lbs   $295
125 watt,  48 volt,       5 lbs    $295
125 watt,  120 volt , 5 lbs     $295
XP250  250 watts continuous, 300 watts surge, 6 watts no load power, 1 outlet, plus connections for AC output and a remote On/Off control. 5.3” x 2.8” x 10.8”
250 watt, 12 volt,      8 lbs,  $493 
250 watt, 24 volt,        8 lbs,  $493
250 watt, 32/36 volt, 8 lbs,  $493
250 watt, 48 volt,        8 lbs,  $493 
I311 250 watt, 120 volt,    8 lbs,  $493 
XP600  600 watts continuous, 1100 watts surge, 8 watts no load power, 2 outlets, plus connections for AC output and a remote On/Off control. 7.7” x 3.6” x 12.1”
600 watt, 12 volt,      9 lbs,  $694 
600 watt, 24 volt,        9 lbs,  $694
600 watt, 32/36 volt, 9 lbs,  $694
600 watt, 48 volt,        9 lbs,  $694 
I316 600 watt, 120 volt,    9 lbs,  $694 
XP1100  1100 watts continuous, 2200 watts surge, 12 watts no load idle power, has 2 outlets plus connections for AC output and connections for remote On/Off control. 7.7” x 3.6” x 15.05”.
 12 volt,      15 lbs,        $830
 24 volt,        15 lbs,        $830

 32/36 volt, 15 lbs,       $990
I333  48 volt,         15 lbs,       $990
I334  120 volt,      15 lbs,     $990
XP2000  2000 watts continuous, 4000 watts surge, 12 watts no load idle power, has 2 outlets plus connections for AC output and connections for remote On/Off control. 9” x 4” x 18”.
XP2000-12     12 volt,      27 lbs,        $1750
    24 volt,        27 lbs,        $1750

     32/36 volt, 27 lbs,       $1980
XP2000-48     48 volt,         27 lbs,       $1980
XP2000120  120 volt,      27 lbs,       $1980

Inverter Cables  Made with very fine strand copper for flexibility. Heavy ring terminals covered with color coded glue filled heat-shrink tubing. Cable pairs with red and black.

Catalog No. Model Length Gauge Ship Pounds Price
RB71 Red and Black set 7' 1 6 $100
RB640 Red and Black set 6' 4/0 12 $180
D130 BC3-2/0 3' 2/0 4 $85
D131 BC5-2/0 5' 2/0 5 $99
D132 BC10-2/0 10' 2/0

10   In Stock

D133 BC3-4/0 3' 4/0 8 $103
D134 BC5-4/0 5' 4/0 10 $175
D135 BC10-4/0 10' 4/0 20 $240
D136 BC15-4/0 15' 4/0 30 $

Battery Cables       Use to connect between batteries. Circuits with 250 amp breakers or 400 amp fuses should use 4/0 cables. Use 2/0 for 175 amp breakers and 200 amp fuses. Use 2 gauge for 110 amp or smaller breakers and fuses.   Use Black or red tape to change color code if necessary.

  Red/Black 12" #2   D144  1 lb $13

Red/Black 12"  2/0  D145  2 lbs  $20
red   20”    2/0   
D137   2 lbs     $25
black   20”   2/0  D138     2 lbs    $25
red/black  20”  2/0  D139    2 lbs  $25

red     18”    4/0   D140     3 lbs  $30
black   18”    4/0  
D141   3 lbs   $30
red/black  18”  4/0   D142  3 lbs  $30

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