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Portable Wood Stoves
and Oven.
Ideal for camping, summer kitchen or emergencies. The house is cooler with a summer kitchen outside for cooking or canning. Made in USA.

The Camp Cook's Favorite.   Perfect for Base Camp and extra cold conditions. Four stove sizes available.

Stoves are available separately, with one or more accessories or as a cost saving package.


Shown with optional Oven

Package Accessories fit inside of Stove for Storage and Transporting.


20" tall,16"L x 10.5" W x 9"H,
 4" diameter stovepipe hole
0.7 cu. ft. Volume
For tents up to 10' x 12'
Holds heat for 5-6 hours.

22" Tall, 24"L x 14"W x 11"H,
5" Diameter stovepipe hole (4" diameter available by request)
1.6 cu. ft. Volume
For tents 10' x 12' to 14' x 16'
Holds heat for 7-8 hours.

23.5" Tall, 28"L x 16"W x 13"H,
5"  diameter stovepipe hole
2.5 cu. ft. Volume
For tents 15' x 15' to 16' x 20'
Holds heat for 9-10 hours.
25" Tall, 28"L x 18"W x 14.5"H,
5"  diameter stovepipe hole
3.3 cu. ft. Volume
For tents 15' x 18' and larger
Holds heat for 10-12 hours.
Part Price Shipping
Part Price Shipping
Part Price Shipping
Part Price
Stove only 35 lbs W300 $264 55 lbs W308 $309 68 lbs W316 $367 95 lbs W321 $413
Warming Tray 3 lbs W302 $24 6 lbs W310 $27 8 lbs W318 $28 8 lbs $28
Water Heater 1.1 gallon  
6 lbs 
W303 $92 3 gallons   
10 lbs  
W311 $103  5 gallons
15 lbs
W319 $114 5 gallons
15 lbs 
W319 $114
Nesting Stovepipe 11 lbs W304 $65 15 lbs W312 $65 15 lbs W312 $65 15 lbs W312 $65
Spark Arrestor 1 lbs W305 $13 1 lbs W313 $13 1 lbs W313 $13 1 lbs W313 $13
Damper 1 lbs W306 $13 1 lbs W314 $13 1 lbs W314 $13 1 lbs W314 $13
Grate 4 lbs
 (13.5" x 5.5")
W307 $25 7 lbs
 (21" x 7-3/4")
W315 $29 9 lbs W320 $31 9 lbs W320 $31

 Includes stove and 5 accessories listed above except for Grate.

51 lbs W301 $419 70 lbs W309 $479 96 lbs W317 $539 105 lbs W322 $579

Package savings over individual items

$52   $51   $61   $67



Round Chimney Oven
for baking and better heating efficiency - more heat extracted from the firewood


Like the stove, the oven is built for quality, durability and ease of use. A draw bar latch with wire ring handle is easy to use even when hot. Hot flue gases rising through the stovepipe circulates around the double walled oven, providing an even heat for baking. Oven temperatures up to 500 are regulated with stove burn rate. The precision stem thermometer measures the temperature inside the oven, not the temperature of the door.

Enjoy some good cooking with this "Mountain Man Microwave". Now the menu is limited only by your imagination and ability. Oven installs in the stovepipe and may be pointed in a convenient direction. Open oven door for increased heat output and less heat lost up the chimney.

Included 9" x 11" cookie sheet and 9" x 11" baking pan can be positioned high or low for cooking options and stored in oven. Included 11" long stove pipe connects oven to stove. Specify 5" or 6"  diameter stove pipe size. Outside is 20" long x 14" diameter. Inside is 16" x 11" diameter.  
Oven 5"
 65 lbs
(Dimensional Weight)  $389
Oven 6"  65 lbs
(Dimensional Weight)  $389

Built and crafted by hunting and camping folks who know what is expected of a good camp stove and have put them to the test in many different conditions, both ordinary and extreme.

Made in USA to exacting specifications, every part of the stove and its accessories are designed to be easy to use, yet strong enough to LAST. All joints are completely welded, corners are rounded, and rough or sharp edges are ground smooth. The top and door are made of 10 gauge (.135) steel, the rest is made of 12 gauge (.105) steel and 14 gauge (.075) steel. The round cylinder is a rolled piece of steel, not a barrel or piece of pipe.

The top of the stove has braces welded underneath it to keep the cooking surface flat. The door has a square frame welded to the inside to keep it flat and insure a tight seal against the stove. The rounded cylinder allows the stove to expand and contract uniformly, virtually eliminating any warping in the body of the stove. Ashes settle to the bottom of the round cylinder, keeping heat off tent floor and preventing stove burnout.

A welded construction ensures air-tight operation. You can stoke the stove full of wood at night and shut the damper down and get a nice even burn overnight. The 1/8" steel used in Cylinder Stoves holds heat longer and gives off more radiant heat than a stove made of thinner sheet metal. More efficient fuel use means you will use less wood or coal and get more heat from what you use.

The top and door are made of 10 gauge steel, the front and back are 12 gauge steel. The round cylinder is a rolled piece of 14 gauge steel, not a barrel or piece of pipe. All joints are welded, all corners are rounded, and rough or sharp edges are ground smooth. Every part of the Stove and its accessories are designed to be simple and easy to use, yet strong and durable enough to last. Each part of every stove is finely tuned to make sure it fits and works properly.

Warming Tray - Made of 14 gauge steel, fits on either side of the top, giving more flat surface area which is handy when cooking. When one path is done, slide it onto the warming tray and it will stay warm, but not over cook. It is also a good place to keep a coffee pot.

Grate - A must if you plan to burn coal or use charcoal briquettes.

Hot Water Heater - Made of 20 gauge stainless steel with all welded seams, safe for cooking and drinking use. Full length lid and faucet in the middle allows use on either side of stove. Brass valve faucet removes and stores inside water heater for packing. This wood fired water heater provides a convenient and compact hot water source.  
Nesting Stovepipe - Smallest piece fits inside next larger size and so on. Pieces must be removed and stacked in reverse order for use. Pipe set is 1" bigger at the top than at the bottom. Joints fit inside of piece below, preventing creosote from leaking out. Pipe set has 5 pieces each 22" long.

Spark Arrestor - Made of wire mesh, helps keep your tent and the forest in one piece. Required in some states.

Stovepipe Damper - especially useful at night and while cooking. Helps get more heat out of stove and improves fuel efficiency. Removes easily so pipe can be stacked.


Hitzer American Made Stoves  Wood and Coal Stoves


Model 50-93 Radiant $1900,
Model 50-93 Blower


Model 30-95 Radiant $1450,
Model 30-95 Blower


Model 354 Radiant $1800,
Model 354 Blower


Model 254 Radiant $1600,
Model 254 Blower

Model 55UL $1050,
Model 55 Cabinet $1290,
Model 55 Furnace without Blower $1700,
Model 55 Furnace 465 CFM Blower $2195,
Model 55 Furnace Blower and Filter Box $2275.
Model 82UL $1120,
Model UL Cabinet $1390,
Model 82 Furnace without Blower $1850,
Model 82 Furnace 980 CFM Blower $2350,
Model Furnace Blower and Filter Box
Model 608 $3380,
PowerVent no chimney required $925
Outside air Kit $70,
Door Inlay: gold, pewter
Model 983 Fireplace Insert $2350 specify Standard Shroud or Leg Kit
Gold or Pewter trim is $75


Model 503 Fireplace Insert $2450 Standard Shroud Included.
Gold or Pewter trim is $75

Gold or Pewter Door with Stove Purchase 254, 354, 30-95, 50-93, 983, 503 $220  
Double Door option for 354 and 983 $235  
Brass or Pewter Trim for standard shroud 6" or 8" $85
Water Coil for select models $265

Pioneer Maid Wood Cookstove Sold


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