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DC Accessories  


8 Event Timer

Proudly made by Flexcharger in USA!

12 volt powered, 7 day Quartz clock with LCD time display and internal backup battery. Set for 8 on-off cycles per single day, all weekdays or weekends. Controls a maximum resistive load of 10 amps on 12 volts DC, 8 amps on 24 or 36 volts DC, 4 amps on 48 volt DC, 8 amps on 120 volts AC and 5 amps of inductive load. Add an external relay for greater load capacity. Use on lights, pumps, fans, appliances or to start and stop generators. Only 5 milliamp draw on 12 volt or 50 milliamp when cycling. 4x 4x 2. 
2 lbs  $95    Limited Special  $49


30 amp
, double pole double throw. Use to build transfer switch or for remote operation of pumps or fans.

120 VAC, 2 lbs, $50   
Relay Driver by Morningstar   12 - 48 volts DC       D378 RD-1 3 lbs, $195
The Morningstar Relay Driver is a logic module that provides control functions such as high/low-voltage alarms, load control, and generator start functions for 12, 24 or 48 VDC battery systems. It controls four independent relay driver outputs by reading battery voltage or by digital data inputs from any Morningstar controller or inverter, which includes an RJ-11 meter port (TriStar, TriStar MPPT, SunSaver Duo, SunSaver MPPT or SureSine).
Multiple Relay Drivers can connect to a single controller or to multiple devices in a MeterHUB/MeterBus network. Outputs can be used to operate any mechanical or solid-state relay with a coil voltage that is the same as the battery voltage used to power the Relay Driver. Maximum current for each output channel is 750 mA. The Relay Driver is pre-programmed with four commonly-used settings and may be mounted to a DIN rail or a flat surface. An RS-232 port and PC software (MS View or MODBUS commands) is included for custom programming, detailed monitoring and driver control. The driver terminals can accept 16 or 24 AWG wire. Self-consumption is less than 20 mA and the unit operates from 8 to 68 VDC. Each channel has complete electronic protections for short circuit, overcurrent, reverse polarity, as well as lightning and transient surges. LED indicators display power and status for each channel as well as faults and data sampling intervals. Operating temperature range is -40 C to +45 C.  6.4"H x 3.2"W x 1.3"D   5-year warranty.


125 volt, 20 amp, 3 prongs provide protection against reverse polarity. These will not plug into a standard 120 VAC outlet. One prong is horizontal and one is vertical. Similar to picture only with vertical and horizontal blades.
20 amp Plug 0.3 lbs $8    Limited Special  $3

Toggle Switch

35 amps at 24 volts DC and 5 amps at 120 volts AC. Single pole double throw with screw terminals.
D310 0.2 lbs $15          Limited Special  $7

 Day and Night sensor      
12 volt, 10 amp      Made by
Flexcharge in USA

Use with LED, Fluorescent or Incandescent Lights

The Night Watchman  dusk-to-dawn controller is designed to be mounted outside, even in a marine salt air environment.  It is completely waterproof, and very small (1" x 1" x 3/4") for mounting in an inconspicuous location.

D362  2 lb $50

 Special  $45

10 or more $31 each

Because power consumption is always a concern on battery powered systems (sail boats, PV systems, etc.) the Night Watchman is designed to use an extremely small amount of power in standby mode (only 0.00015A or 0.15mA), yet it is capable of supplying up to 10A of load current. Automatically control yard lights, feral hog feeder lights, solar lights, boat and dock lights.

The Night Watchman will turn 12V incandescent or fluorescent lights ON in the evening within a half hour of sunset, and OFF in the morning within a half hour of sun rise. The Night Watchman's circuitry is designed to prevent flickering therefore it can be used to control 12V fluorescent lamps. Feel free to go ashore during the day and stay all night.  Your mooring light will turn ON and OFF protecting you vessel as required. Reverse polarity protected. 2 year warranty by factory.

Other great uses for the Night Watchman

bulletUse for Boat cabin, and Spreader lights too
bullet12V Motor Home / RV lights
bulletSolar lighting system's lamp controller
bulletAutomatically turn ON low level lighting when Night Watchman senses that High level lighting in the area is turned OFF.

Water Heating Elements     

Use one or more of these elements as a diversion load with Xantrex C35, C40, C60 or TriStar 45, 60 controllers. They fit most standard water heaters with screw-in elements. An adapter is used for the square flange type element. The dual 12/24 element has two separate 12 volt,  29 amp, 0.48 Ohm elements. It can be wired for 29 amps or 58 amps at 14 volts or 29 amps at 28 volts. The dual 24/48 volt element has two separate 24 volt, 22 amp, 1.24 Ohm elements. It can be wired for 22 or 44 amps at 28 volts or 22 amps at 56 volts. Order enough elements with a total current draw greater than your charging systems maximum output, but no more than 75% maximum amp rating of controller. 150 watt hours will raise 1 gallon of water about 60.
12/24 volt Dual 29 amp, 0.48 Ohms 3 lbs $150     
           Limited  Special  $89  

D381 24/48 volt Dual 22 amp, 1.24 Ohms 3 lbs $495   



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