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We have many types and sizes of mounts.  Please contact us for sizing and prices.

Most of our mounts are universal and will hold most solar module types and are made of aluminum, galvanized steel with stainless steel fasteners. Specify module type when ordering. Anodized aluminum is available special order and recommended near salt water.

Solar Module Mounts

Fixed or tracking is available. Tracking increases output about 30%-50% in summer and 1%-20% winter. Lower gain is for northern latitudes. Trackers are ideal for water pumping systems and refrigeration. If your house needs more power in the summer, consider a tracker. Need more power in winter? Consider more modules on fixed mount. Both mount types are adjustable up and down to optimize angle as seasons change.

Zomeworks Universal Top Of Pole Fixed Mount

Easy assembly
  Slotted, custom-formed aluminum channel accommodates any size module
  Adjustable to fit a variety of module combinations
  Sturdy, wind-resistant construction
  Non-corrosive materials
  10 year warranty by Zomeworks



Zomeworks Passive Track Rack

Strong - Reliable - Long Lasting

Sun heated sealed liquid moves the mount to follow sun east to west using gravity instead of motors. Morning sun resets tracker to east. Solar modules have full output for more hours instead of just during mid day. Universal mounting fits all standard modules. Adjustable up and down for seasons. Attaches to user supplied SCH40 pipe, inside diameter listed. Stainless steel module mounting hardware included for quantity of modules listed as Bolt Sets. 10 year warranty by Zomeworks.  UTR020 ships UPS, others shipped by truck freight collect from Albuquerque, NM


Universal Track Racks™ F-Series passive solar tracker with integral early morning rapid return system, partial pre-assembly and easy installation.


bulletUTRK 040 accommodates up to 2 shock absorbers and early morning wake-up fin for fast response. Lighter and easier to install. Ships via UPS.
bulletUTRF 168 comes standard with four shock absorbers for improved stability (equivalent to a high wind kit)
bulletUTRF 168 - Large Early Morning Wake-Up Fin – Additional 3 feet of wake-up fin to speed up morning rapid return. Standard on all UTRF-168 trackers.
bulletF-series Track Racks - ZW-2003 Shock Absorber – Exclusively from Zomeworks. Now standard on all F-series Track Racks.
bulletUTR-Series and TRPM Series - ZW2006 Shock Absorber-Replacement shock absorber for  trackers.
bulletF-Series Track Racks™ ship partially assembled for easy installation

Standard on all models

bulletStainless Steel and Zinc Plated Hardware
bullet10-Year Standard Warranty
bulletExtended Warranty Available on shocks and bearings (Standard warranty on shocks and bearings is 2 years)
bulletSix Standard Universal Track Racks™ fit all common photovoltaic modules


How Trackers Work

1 Sunrise

The Track Rack begins the day facing west. As the sun rises in the east, it heats the unshaded west-side canister, forcing liquid into the shaded east-side canister. As liquid moves through a copper tube to the east-side canister, the tracker rotates so that it faces east.

2 Morning

The heating of the liquid is controlled by the aluminum shadow plates. When one canister is exposed to the sun more than the other, its vapor pressure increases, forcing liquid to the cooler, shaded side. The shifting weight of the liquid causes the rack to rotate until the canisters are equally shaded.
3 Day

As the sun moves, the rack follows (at approximately 15 degrees per hour), continually seeking equilibrium as liquid moves from one side of the tracker to the other.
4 Evening

The rack completes its daily cycle facing west. It remains in this position overnight until it is "awakened" by the rising sun the following morning.

  UTR-020 UTRK-040 UTRF-120 UTRF-168


ALEX-60™ Universal Rail System

Zomeworks' new engineered universal aluminum module mounting rail. It is extruded from 6063 T-6 mill finish aluminum and will accept standard 1/4" or 5/16" stainless steel module mounting hardware. It weighs less and is stronger than the traditional steel rails. It will save on shipping costs, be easier to handle and install and it's naturally corrosion resistant and requires no maintenance.


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