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  BARGAINS       We have many items that are special priced, one-of-a-kind or a super bargain.


Water Heating Elements  12 - 24 - 48 volt    
   Best Price about 1/3 the cost   

Diversion Loads    About 20% of the energy used in a home is for hot water.  Excess electricity from a wind generator or PV modules can also be used for water heating. Great for surplus power when batteries are nearly full. Use one or more of these elements as a diversion load with Xantrex C35, C40, C60 or TriStar 45, 60 controllers. They fit most standard water heaters with screw-in elements. An adapter is used for the square flange type element. 150 watt hours will raise 1 gallon of water about 60º. Elements extend about 7" beyond the 1" male pipe threads on 1.5" hex head. The dual 12/24 element has two separate 14 volt, 29 amp, 406 watt, 0.48 Ohm elements. It can be wired for 29 amps or 58 amps at 14 volts or 29 amps at 28 volts.     
12/24 volt Dual 29 amp, 0.48 Ohms 3 lbs $140               Limited  Special  $49   


OutBack Inverter Package 
$3285 value    
77 lbs     Special $2495

OutBack Sinewave Inverter/Charger 12 volt, 2800 watt VFX2812  63 lbs $2600

DC Cover, 4 lbs  $55 Display/Control Mate B 4 lbs $300

Communications Hub 4 3 lbs $200 Ground Fault Protection Breakers GFP/2  3 lbs  $130


Portable Solar Battery Charger
Save money on batteries. Chargers are portable, compact, inexpensive and weather resistant. LED charge indicator.
Use to charge NiCad, alkaline, zinc air and carbon/zinc batteries. Charges 2 batteries either AA, C or D size. Has two battery adapters, red charge indicator and suction cup hanger. Rule of thumb charge time: AA -16 hours, C - 24 hours, D - 36 hours.
SPC-2A  200 mA output in full sun. 3” x 2.75” x 1.5”.
A003 2 lb $40     Limited Special  $20 


Antenna Booster for AM Radio (not shortwave)
  Simple to use - Portable - Made in USA,  Will not help radios in a vehicle.

Select-A-Tenna is the best AM signal enhancer made for radios, even expensive radios. Simply place Select-A-Tenna near your portable or clock radio to inductively couple the unit to your radio. Tune in the radio station and then turn the knob on Select-A-Tenna until you hear the station volume increase. AM radio talk shows are very popular, but reception distance can be limited. The daytime range can be doubled with Select-A-Tenna. Adjacent station rejection is also improved. This helps when station signals are too strong.  535 to 1700 KHz frequency range.

Super Model has a +40dB gain  Works better on radios with poor inductive coupling (such as the very popular model pictured) or for large case radios. It has an internal regenerative amplifier with variable 0 to +10 dB gain control knob. Requires a 9V battery (not included). Has Coarse and Fine Tuning controls for ease of operation at the higher gain settings. Includes a small remote ferrite probe to place near radio when there's not enough room for the Select-A-Tenna. 10-3/4” x 2-1/4”.
A422  Model S   5 lbs   $ 220    Limited Special   $179  

  The Model S may be used in any of four different modes: 
(1) Direct Near Proximity just like the regular and model M. 
(2) Ferrite Probe Near Proximity. 
(3) Direct Wired Antenna Connection.
(4) External Antenna and Ground for metal-buildings when using modes 1 and 2.

The Model S has a high-signal level and low-impedance balanced drive port for the ferrite probe. This provides the capability to not only drive the 6 ft. coaxial cable and probe, which are included, but the cable may be extended to as much as 26 ft using extension cables readily available locally.  This is very useful for remotely locating the Model S away from radio noise sources or into better signal locations, when moving the radio itself may be inconvenient. 


LifetimeVibe machine  Made in USA.  For better health

You will probably want one of these after seeing what they can do for you. Learn all about it at LifetimeVibe.com

Ask about our Special Low Price - Save about $1000


Countertop Water Filter

Easy connection to sink faucet. Uses Ultracarb filter which reduces Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Chlorine, Turbidity and heavy metals such as lead. Flow rate is 1/2 gallon per minute. 600 gallon filter life. Replace filters available.
Countertop, connects to faucet,  G104 5 lbs  $225          Click here for price



NEW 4.7 Upright Combination Refrigerator/Freezer has 4 cu ft refrigerator, 0.7 cu ft freezer, reversible door and handle, two adjustable glass shelves, dairy compartment, vegetable crisper, adjustable leveling legs. The scratch resistant top doubles as a work surface, powder coated galvanized steel exterior. 12/24 volt DC operation or 120 VAC with 12/24 VDC backup. See price and more here.
No Longer Manufactured. One is available for local pickup
Special $695  Never used, on display.    Save $900 
Has Versatile 120 volt AC Option which allows units to operate on 12 and 24 volt DC or on 120 volt AC. No DC power is needed when running on AC, so it can be used with or without DC backup. The DC backup is useful during an AC power failure. A battery is necessary for DC backup. The efficiency is about the same on AC as on DC. 



Nuwick 120 Hour Candles  For Lighting, Heating, Cooking

Nuwick candles are unique. Patented movable wicks allow one, two or three wicks to be used simultaneously for extra light and heat. Fry egg in 5 minutes. Keep some in car trunk, take pack packing or use at home for emergencies. Non-toxic special paraffin, FDA approved (food grade). Included are matches, tweezers to move the wicks and 6 wicks. 4¼” metal can with lid.

L211 Nuwick candle,   1.5 lbs,   $13        

 24 Nuwick candles,   36 lbs,   $312       Limited Special  $6 each

Trace DR inverter case, new, (non-operational, case only) looks similar to real inverter. Use for display, mockup or spare parts for another inverter.  20 lbs $100    Limited Special $19

Shurflo Demand Pump Model 100   12 Volt,   1.5 - 2.4 amps,   up to 15 PSI

Model 100 Nautilus   This little pump features a high torque motor, Ryton construction, and full motor enclosure for trouble-free operation. Rated for intermittent use. Pump must be mounted below the supply tank to prime. Not for applications that require dry running. Filter recommended. Dirty water will shorten life. Built-in 3/8" hose barb inlet and outlet ports, small size, easy installation. New old stock, no warranty. 5" long Model 100-000-21    1.0 GPM open flow,  0.7 GPM at 5 PSI, 0.3 GPM at 10 PSI, 0 GPM at 15 PSI

Shurflo 100  3 lbs $65  Special $49


DC Analog Meters
2.3” square face, mounts in 2” round hole.
For 24 volt battery systems, expanded scale reads 22-28 volts.   M103   1 lb  $30   Special  $9

Amp meter  0-5 amps   1 lb $30   Special  $25

Induction DC Ammeters  No electrical connections or leads to hook up. Simply place meter back against a single wire lead for a reading. Can be used on inverter, welder, automobile starter or generator, battery charger, etc.
75-0-75 amps,  M129  1 lb  $30     Limited  Special  $19


8 Event Timer        Proudly made by Flexcharger in USA!

12 volt powered, 7 day Quartz clock with LCD time display and internal backup battery. Set for 8 on-off cycles per single day, all weekdays or weekends. Controls a maximum resistive load of 10 amps on 12 volts DC, 8 amps on 24 or 36 volts DC, 4 amps on 48 volt DC, 8 amps on 120 volts AC and 5 amps of inductive load. Add an external relay for greater load capacity. Use on lights, pumps, fans, appliances or to start and stop generators. Only 5 milliamp draw on 12 volt or 50 milliamp when cycling. 4”x 4”x 2”. 
2 lbs  $95    Limited Special  $59

DC Permanent Magnet Motor  12-17 volt,     0.13 HP,     1800 rpm at 17 volts

Heavy built MET motor has 1/2" Shaft that is 1-1/4" long, Motor flange plate is 5-3/8" diameter, Motor is 3-1/4" diameter x 5-3/8" long. MET Motor 10 lbs  $245       Special $65

13 watt Drum Light
Low Cost

Mount on ceiling or wall. Has white metal housing, high impact acrylic cover.  11” x 3”

13 watt, 120 Volt AC,  4 lbs  $45  
Limited  Special  $17

26  watt, 120 Volt AC,  4 lbs  $55  
Limited  Special   $29

2 conductor, 10 Gauge Wire, Tray Cable. Often used for Shurflo Submersible pumps, Wiring PV Modules. Outdoor and burial rated.

D070 0.2 lbs per foot $2 
Special $1.50

24' cord with battery clips

These cords were made for 36 volt DC drill we had in the past. The special polarized plug can be cut off if not needed. 16 gauge wire, black, white.

24' cord  3 lbs  $35
Special  $9

3/4 HP  DC Permanent Magnet Motor
Used on the mower decks of General Electric and New Idea electric tractors. 36 volt 3600 rpm, or 1/2 HP - 2400 rpm on 24 volt, or 1/4 HP—1200 rpm on 12 volt. Continuous duty, ball bearing, reversible. 4.5” diameter, 8.75” long including 3/4” dia. x 7/8” long shaft with keyway. Also has 5/6” threaded hole in shaft end for mounting a hub and blade. 6” mounting flange is 3/8" from motor end. High starting torque. Use for go carts, electrathons, shop tools.

PM2   17 lbs  $215

Battery Balancer         Use 24 volt loads on a 48 volt system     Made in Canada

24 volt loads can be connected to half of a 48 volt battery and both 24 volt halves will be charged equally. This can power large loads since the surges are supplied by the battery and not limited to amp capacity of Battery Balancer.  24 volt 10amp/48 volt 5 amps. 93-95% efficient, rainproof box 6”x3½”x3”. D344 8 lbs $310  Special $149



Pioneer Maid Wood Cookstove
with 10 gallon Water Reservoir, Warming Oven, Fire Brick and extras.

Cook   Heat   Hot Water

Shown without water reservoir

Large firebox can hold fire all night or longer. Welded construction. Smooth top with two 11" lids. Downdraft efficiency. Roomy oven can hold 8 loaves of bread. Porcelain finish. High back and shelf. Warming closet keeps food warm until mealtime. About half the stove is made with stainless steel. Includes a hot water coil for extra hot water, extra fire bricks and stainless steel flue pipes. Stove used as a space heater can heat 2000 sq. ft. Rear flue is 7". Cooking surface is 50" x 22.5" and 32.5" high. Stove is 52" x 28.5" and 53.5" high. Oven is 22" deep x 19.5" wide x 13" high. Firebox is 18.5" x 11.5" x 18.5" high. 650 lbs $3500  Special $2490

Battery Book for Your PV Home

Recommended if you use lead acid batteries. It explains how they work, taking hydrometer and voltage readings, equalizing, improving life and efficiency. 22 pages

PV/Generator Hybrid System
for Your PV Home

Explains how to add 120VAC engine generator to a Trace inverter and battery system. 25 pages  O031 1 lb $8

O030 1 lb $8    Limited  Special  $4

Forty Something Forever

A Consumer's Guide to Chelation Therapy and other Heart-Savers       A book for people of all ages who want to regain youthful health and vitality. Chelation therapy demystified, a safe and effective non-surgical way to treat coronary artery disease, heart arrhythmias, and avoid stroke and heart attack. Overcome ailments brought on by environmental pollution: allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome. Improve vision, hearing and memory. Slow the aging process. Learn more about the complications with bypass, surgery, balloon angioplasty, lasers, stents, drugs.  380 pages 

Guide to Survival Communications

How to build and power your system. Covers in depth communication services available to anyone on shortwave, amateur radio, scanning, CB, federal services, weather services, alternative news sources, plus many sources of vital information. Instructs where to find and how to choose your equipment to build your system. Information on alternate emergency power sources, solar systems, generators, backup batteries and more. Covers building satellite radio systems. 8.5” x 11”, 182 pages.

O027  3 lbs $7    Limited  Special  $4

O025 3 lbs $20      Limited  Special  $4


Electrical Box

Sealed Non-Metallic enclosure with cover and gasket. The 4 versatile mounting tabs are attachable to the outside back surface at box corners or half way between corners. Hardware is included for cover and mounting tabs. Made by Carlton. Outside dimensions: 12" x12" x 6.5" 
Carlton Box
  7 lbs  $75    
  Limited Special  $25

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