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Composting Toilets 

For homes, cabins, boats, RVs, trailers, horse barns, greenhouse, shop, poolside, small airport hanger, etc.


Sun-Mar Composting Toilets


Save water!    Help with septic tank problems?

SunMar Composting toilets require little or no water, so you save both on buying or pumping water and on its disposal. Available in a self-contained model with composter in bathroom or central model with composter under the floor in basement or crawl space. The non-electric (NE) models do not have electric heater in base and are preferred for an energy conserving house. Order compost toilet catalog T049 for more information or video T050. Composting uses natural aerobic bacteria, peat moss and evaporation to rapidly reduce and recycle wastes. Compost drum is turned every three days for mixing. Compost is dropped periodically into finishing drawer for removal. Better than a flush toilet—odors are vented into the composter instead of the bathroom. Included with composter is 4” vent kit, 1” liquid drain tubing, starter compost mixture.

Sun-Mar Composting toilets are shipped by truck from Buffalo, NY. Contact us for a shipping quote. Shipping cost to a remote address can sometimes be reduced by having unit sent to a business address or shipping depot. Allow 2-6 weeks for most models. All units carry a full 5 year replacement warranty on the fiberglass tank, and a comprehensive 3 year replacement warranty on all other parts.

Capacities in number of people using toilet

  Weekend or Vacation  Residence or Continuous
Excel  6-8  3-5
Excel NE  5-7 2-3
Compact  3-4  1-2
Centrex 1000  5-7 use Centrex 2000
Centrex 1000 NE 4-6 use Centrex 2000NE
Centrex 2000  7-9  4-6
Centrex 2000 NE  6-8 3-5
Centrex 2000 A/F NE 5-7 3-5
Centrex 3000  9-11 6-8
Centrex 3000 NE  8-10  5-7
Centrex 3000A/F 8-10 5-7
Centrex 3000 A/F NE  7-9  4-6

Capacities are for 70ΊF room temperatures.
Capacity  and composting activity is reduced with cooler temperatures.
Freezing will not hurt unit.

Non-Electric Models are listed first.
120 Volt AC models are listed near the bottom.

Self-Contained  NE non-electric

Excel NE The standard toilet for off grid/alternate energy home or cabin. Order a 12 or 24 volt vent fan for your system. Fan mounts inline with vent pipe and draws less than 4 watts. Rated capacity is 2-3 people residential and 5-7 people weekend or vacation. 31.5” high, 33” deep, 22½” wide. Drawer removal requires 15” in front. 100 lbs truck shipping (50 lbs unit). Please specify Bone or White color.

T011 $1825 Special $1745

Central Units NE non-electric

Uses a Sealand low water flush toilet (or dry toilet for A/F models) in the bathroom. Composter is in basement, crawl space or along outside of house—within 20’ of Sealand flush toilet or directly under if using dry toilet. Flush toilet is connected with 3” ABS pipe. Three sizes available for different usage levels.

                  Order 12 or 24 volt vent fan with unit.

Centrex 1000 NE  27” high, 23” deep, 32” wide  T021   $1790
Centrex 2000 NE 27” high, 27” deep, 45.5” wide. T061    $2040
Centrex 3000 NE 32” high, 27” deep, 71” wide T041   $2265



GTG Toilet
GTG is Sun-Mar's smallest and most economical toilet. The GTG sets up in minutes. Innovative diverting design, sleek European styling and compact size make it a good solution. Perfect for Homes, Basements, Tiny Homes, Cottages, Cabins, Yurts, Trailers, Boats, Farms, Warehouses, Garages, Greenhouses, Barns, Sheds, Stables, Mines, RV's, Aircraft Hangers, Pools and more. The GTG can go anywhere it's not possible or cost-effective to install a conventional toilet. Two removable containers separate liquids and solids.  Vented for odor free operation. The 12 volt DC 0.6 watt fan has an 110/220 volt AC adapter. Includes 2 floor mounting brackets.  18" Seat Height, Unit is 19.8" high, 15.75" wide, 24" deep.   T064  35 lbs   $629  




Low Water Flush Toilets

These water saving toilets only use 1-2 pints of water per flush. Easy to use pedal flush opens valve in the bottom of the bowl dumping water down sewer or into composter. Includes seat and lid. Made in USA of vitreous china construction for superior quality, hygiene, cleaning ability and elegance. Use with Centrex composters and with holding tanks or overloaded septic systems. Shipped UPS

510 Plus standard size toilet seat, 17-1/8” seat height.

                         White 651001 51 lbs $406

                          Bone 651003 51 lbs  $406


511 Plus low profile for platform installation, standard size toilet seat, 13” seat height.

          White 651101 51 lbs $395

            Bone 651103 51 lbs  $395


Replacement Water Valve for Sealand Toilets.  314349  2 lbs  $39

3” Four Bolt Closet Flanges.

Secures to floor with 8 fasteners. Made of ABS. 2 lbs  $17       345889 MPT

345892 Female  Socket          


Dry Toilet
for Centrex 2000 and 3000 with A/F Waterless Kits.

Has regular size toilet seat. Seat is 15” high. Includes mounting hardware and bowl liner. 24” front to back.

T028 White color, 20 lbs $371            



Elongated Dry Toilet  
Has elongated seat for extra comfort and is ADA compliant. Seat is 18" high. Includes a removable bowl liner that fits beneath the seat.

T035  White color, 30 lbs  $495

Extension Pipe for Dry Toilet

T027 45” extension (49" overall length) with hardware. Box is 50"x 14"x 9". 33 lbs $80



A/F Waterless Kit Required for use with the Dry Toilet and Centrex 2000 or 3000 systems.
Includes 12 volt fan and hardware kit.  T047  $168


Vent fan is included with these models     It is mounted in a 4" diameter x 11" long vent pipe

Excel AC/DC 1.4 Watt 12 Volt Fan
Centrex 2000 AF NE 2.4 Watt 12 Volt Fan
Centrex 2000 AF AC/DC 2.4 Watt 12 Volt Fan
Centrex 3000 AF NE 2.4 Watt 12 Volt Fan
Centrex 3000 NE 2.4 Watt 12 Volt Fan
Centrex 3000 AF AC/DC 2.4 Watt 12 Volt Fan
Centrex 3000 AC/DC 2.4 Watt 12 Volt Fan
Centrex 2000 AC/DC 1.4 Watt 12 Volt Fan
Centrex 1000 AC/DC 1.4 Watt 12 Volt Fan

Toilet Vent Fan

Installs in 4” vent pipe to increase air flow for greater evaporation and helps prevent odors. Fan included with some Centrex models. 4'' x 11"

T032 12 volt, Specify 1.4 or 2.4 watts, 6 lbs $55       T034 24 volt, 6 lbs $55


120 volt AC Electric Composters  Self-Contained


Excel, High capacity T010 $2040 Special $1844

Compact medium capacity, lower profile, no foot rest. T013 $1975 Special $1883

 Please specify Bone or White color.

Space Saver, 19" x 22" base footprint, 115 volt AC Please specify Bone or White color. T001 $1935 Special $1875

120 volt AC Electric Composters     Central Composting Toilets

Centrex 1000 for use with low flush toilet T020 $2020 Special $1880

Centrex 2000 for use with low flush toilet T060 $2280 Special $2110

Centrex 3000 for use with low flush toilet T040 $2530 Special $2430

AC/DC Kit  Required for conversion of electric Excel and Centrex systems to also operate in non electric or 12 volt mode.   T044   $192
Compost Sure Bulking material for waterless toilets. Special mixture of coarse peat moss and hemp bulking material.
7 gallon bag 
 T053 10 lbs $22    Box of 5 50 lbs $90


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