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TeleVue telescopes are:
High Quality, Good Value, Compact,
 Made in USA,  fast and easy to use.


Check out the Universe

It is HUGE and full of mysteries.

See with your own eyes the wonders of the Sun, Moon, Planets, Galaxies, Star Clusters, Glowing Nebulas, & Comets.



Eyepieces These are new eyepieces from TeleVue that have been in our inventory and have never been used.

Part Number


Shipping Weight Price Special Price
ERD-18.0 18 Radian 2 lbs $290 $150
ERD-14.0 14 Radian 2 lbs $290 $150
ERD-12.0 12 Radian 2 lbs $290 $150
ERD-10.0 10 Radian 2 lbs $290 $150
ERD-4.0 4 Radian 2 lbs $290 $150
ERD-3.0 3 Radian 2 lbs $290 $150
EPO-35.0 35 Panoptic 3 lbs $500 $415
EPO-24.0 24 Panoptic 2 lbs $395 $330


Special Limited Sale!    Low Prices!

 5",127mm APO, 660mm, f5.2, 4 element flatfield 4º for wonderful wide views.  Hard case included.
NPI-5053 44 lbs $9000

Limited Special $6695


NP101 4'',101mm APO, 540mm f/5.4, 4 element flat-field 4.9˚ @ 10x to 250x magnification, O.T.A. is 26", 2" Everbrite Diagonal, 1.25" Adapter and Hard case included. NPC-4054 35 lbs $5300

 Limited Special $3595

TV 85  85mm APO, 600mm f/7, 2-element, 4.4˚ @ 11x, to 225x magnification, O.T.A. is 19", Soft case included. Mount not included.


WXC-3370 15 lbs $3150

 Limited Special $2195

TV 76  76mm APO, 480mm f/6.3, 2-element, 5.5˚@ 9x, to 200x magnification, O.T.A. is 14.5", Soft case included. Mount not included.


WXC-3063  14 lbs $2600

 Limited Special $1795

Tele Vue-60

Diagonal and  Eyepiece not included

TV 60, 60mm APO, 360mm, f/6 High Performance 2.4” APO doublet, Mount not inculded.

TVO-2460 OTA 10 lbs $1200

Limited Special $695 

360mm f/6 objective, OTA only 10”-long — includes 2-stage 1¼” focuser with quick-focus drawtube plus fine-focus helical. Exquisitely machined and anodized all-metal construction with sliding captive dew shield.   • 1¼" focuser accepts in-line Porro prism and 45º erectors, or 60º and 90º diagonals. • Maximum True Field: 4.3º (Great for terrestrial and astronomical use.) • Maximum Power: 180x (with NEW 2-4mm Nagler™ Zoom — for lunar/planetary viewing) • Adjustable dovetail balancing bar fits all camera tripods, Tele Vue mounts and NEW mounting bracket for SCTs (below). • It’s a super-finder, day/night scope with great telephoto and imaging capability for digital cameras. • Includes black carry bag.• Optional padded carry case, diagonals and eyepieces available.
Porta Mount features a new design friction system allowing quick slewing to objects and 360 degree slow-motion controls for tracking. No fumbling with clutches or sectional slow-motion that run out of travel. Leave the heavy counterweights with the equatorials: simply balance scope on the altitude axis and start viewing. Standard Vixen dovetail mounting slot with lock and safety screw is fully SPHINX/GP -compatible. Mounting slot removes to reveal 1/4-20 and M8-1.25 threaded holes for custom mounting solutions. PORTA mount features interchangeable slow-motion knobs, tension adjustment and disassembly tool, built-in tool storage bay, tripod tray and aluminum legs. Tripod height to top of tripod base adjusts from 27.75" to 47.75". 45 lbs shipping  $700  
Limited Special       Only $300 with telescope purchase.


   All telescopes and eyepieces sold as is.


New Majesty Factor.

Ethos™ 13 mm Eyepiece Incredible 100 degree Apparent Field of View, 15 mm Eye Relief, Barrel Size is 1-1/4" and 2",  
  3 lbs $780 value  $650

From S&T's Hot New Products for 2008
Observers have long sung the praises of low-power, wide-field views of the heavens. But that's misleading. Wide-field views are spectacular, but "low-power" got there because years ago only low-power eyepieces could show a wide field. In reality, higher magnification always provides a darker sky background, shows fainter stars, and delivers better resolution. Experienced observers usually select the highest magnification eyepiece that still has enough field of view to encompass their target. Enter Tele Vue's 13-mm Ethos, the first astronomical eyepiece with 100° apparent field of view. For a given magnification, it shows 50% more sky than the previous widest-field oculars. You can read all the details of this remarkable eyepiece in our review in last October's issue, page 41.
    ­Sky & Telescope, January 2008, p. 38

A Triple Digit Field-of-View

Ethos™: A Triple-Digit Field of View

Sky & Telescope, October 2007, review
by senior editor Dennis di Cicco.Read Complete S&T Review!



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