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When Disaster Strikes, Will Your Lights Be On?

Hurricanes - Tornados - Earthquakes - Terrorism: All pose the threat of disrupting electrical power for days, even weeks at a time. Today, more than ever, we rely on emergency standby power generation to meet real and potential threats. But how just how reliable are these systems? Fact is, they are only as dependable as the fuel they burn. That's why many of these systems will fail when they are most needed!

Generators At Major Risk From Bad Fuel!

Generator manufacturers and service technicians agree that between 50-to-70% of standby generator failures are directly attributable to the effects of degraded fuel quality. In fact, engine manufacturers say many owners do not read their operating manuals, leaving them unaware that all fuels will go bad in storage - some in just a matter of weeks.

The situation is worsened by the fact that in the production of today's modern  fuels, new "cracking" processes have been implemented that actually cause today's "clean fuels" to degrade much faster than those produced years ago! As a result, many "consumer" grade stability additives, once adequate, no longer get the job done. But there is an answer.

Stop Fuel Rot With PRI!  

Originally developed for refiners, PRI's unique thermal stability chemistry is an industrial-grade treatment designed to preserve and restore even the most difficult fuels under the most challenging conditions. Why? Our industrial clients simply cannot afford fuel failures. They depend on PRI for complete system integrity and reliability. Among the units now relying on PRI-D are operators of standby generators at conventional and nuclear power plants, major ISPs like America Online, telephone companies, hospitals, and vital emergency services. 

The PRI-D used by these facilities is also available in the same industrial strength in our smaller, consumer packages. Today, PRI-G for gasoline, PRI-D for diesel and kerosene, and Power Start  makes that protection available to all. With one simple treatment about every 18-to-24 months, PRI will keep your fuel fresh in storage for 2-to-10 years, depending on initial fuel quality and storage conditions.

Not only will PRI make even the freshest fuels even fresher, PRI also restores severely degraded and stale fuels to refinery freshness!   How can you be sure? 

Independent Tests Confirm PRI Effectiveness

Independently conducted comparison tests of PRI's industrial-grade chemistry against other "stabilizers" confirms that PRI is unmatched in preserving and restoring all fuel types. Please note: The length of fuel preservation is affected by original condition of the fuel and storage conditions. For maximum protection, follow the annual re-treatment regimen.

PRI Maintains Engine Reliability

Even with fresh fuel, heavy carbon fouling is a fact of life for large stand-by and portable power generators. Reliability is compromised. Repairs are expensive. But with PRI's exclusive thermal stability technology, carbon fouling is prevented! Engine components remain clean. Fouling of fuel delivery systems is eliminated. This keeps your diesel or gas powered generator running faithfully for thousands of hours. After all, can you depend on repair facilities or the availability of a specialized service technician in the event of an emergency?

PRI Provides More Power, Economy

Because PRI actually prevents carbon mass from forming in fuel under the heat and pressure of combustion, more of the fuel burns, giving more power to your engine! This mean you use less fuel to get the same level of power output, giving your engine more fuel efficiency. When every precious drop of your stored fuel counts during an emergency - PRI is there to help you make it through.

PRI Is GENERAC® Tested & Recommended

newgen.bmp (7100 bytes)Long term engine tests conducted by GENERAC® Power Systems Inc. confirm PRI's capability to prevent the hard carbon deposits which accelerate engine wear. GENERAC® also recommends PRI for long-term storage stability, ensuring that your power generation system will be available when you most need it!

PRI Is Sea-Tow®  Recommended

Protecting more than 50,000 recreational boaters nationwide, Sea-Tow® cautions its members to use PRI in every tank to prevent potentially dangerous engine failures at sea. Not only do many Sea-Tow operators use PRI in their own rescue boats, they have found that PRI permits them to use older, discarded fuels by restoring these fuels to refinery freshness!

DON'T DELAY!  Demand is Greater Than Ever!

PRI treatment of fuel supplies is critical for anyone maintaining back-up generator systems or generators for marine and RVs. To fail to heed this information could mean the failure of your system when you most need it! Don't delay. Demand for PRI from public utilities, commercial firms, emergency services and private individuals has soared in recent months!

PRI - Industrial Marine Power For All Marine Engines

Power Or Sail - No boater today should be without PRI's industrial grade marine fuel treatments in every tank - the same PRI chemistry dosed online into the fuel of the world's great ships and commercial marine vessels.

Unlike "consumer-grade" fuel additives, PRI chemistry is an industrial product designed to protect the world's largest engines against the world's worst fuels. That's why PRI is unmatched in providing protection to your marine engine and fuel system. Find PRI today at Boater's World, West Marine, Camping World, and our network of marine stores, marinas and marine fuel suppliers. 

 #1 In preserving and restoring fuel freshness

Your boat or RV sits. The fuel goes bad. And you're facing major expenses getting things back in shape. Protect your treasured investment and your pocketbook against the costly effects of fuel system gum and varnish. Protect with PRI-G.

Independent laboratory tests confirm no other product is as effective as PRI-G in preserving new fuel and restoring old fuel to refinery freshness. That's because refinery-grade PRI-G is an industrial concentrate - much stronger and far more effective that "consumer" brands. In fact, PRI-G contains the very same PRI chemistry used by commercial industry for maximum fuel preservation. If you want only the very best protection for your boat or RV, - settle for nothing less than PRI-G!

Prevents carbon deposits:

gadd1.gif (13912 bytes)Carbon removal or flush "additives" are after-the-fact products that pose the risk of engine damage should a chunk of carbon dislodge and get stuck in the wrong place! Unlike these, economical PRI-G prevents the problem from ever happening in the first place!  If PRI can do it on the world's largest ship engines with tar-like "bunker" fuel, just think how PRI can protect your engine and save you from unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs! Don't give damaging carbon a chance to ever build up in your engine. Treat your tank with PRI-G!

Increases power & performance

Engine running rough at idle and doggy on the take-off? No doubt your engine is choking on fuel system deposits and gas that's been rotting in your tank the last several weeks. While we can't promise you'll catch big fish, or keep the rain away as you head up the highway, you'll feel power and smoothness like you never have before. Whether over rough seas or up high mountains, PRI-G will provide power and acceleration when you most need it! Go with PRI-G!

32 oz. treats 512 gallons
16 oz. treats 256 gallons

 Preserves & restores fuel freshness like no other

Today's diesel fuels can go bad fast - faster than you think. Your engine smokes more - your fuel systems foul up - power and performance taper off and sometimes your engine just quits. Don't get caught dead in the water or stopped on the roadside. Give your fuel maximum freshness and performance with PRI-D!

Independent laboratory tests confirm no other product is nearly as effective as PRI-D in preserving new fuel and restoring old fuel to refinery freshness. That's because refinery-grade PRI-D is an industrial concentrate - much stronger and far more effective that "consumer" brands. In fact, public utilities, hospitals and municipalities depend on the same PRI-D strength to keep stand-by generators running when emergencies hit. If you want only the very best protection for your boat or RV, settle for nothing less than PRI-D!

Prevents carbon deposits

Nothing wreaks more havoc on a diesel engine than abrasive hard carbon deposits. PRI-D literally prevents hard deposits, dramatically reducing liner, piston, ring, valve and turbocharger wear. Too good to be true? Just ask the chief engineers aboard the ships we service or the maintenance managers of our onshore fleets. Take a look at our piston comparison photos. PRI-D's enhanced thermal stability chemistry will keep your engine running longer and farther than you ever dreamed! Treat every tank with PRI-D!

Stops soot build-up

Soot blackening your beautiful transom or new RV? Proud boat and RV owners love PRI-D for keeping things shipshape. That's because PRI-D reduces diesel smoke up to 60 percent - the source of the problem. Your equipment will look better, you'll breathe easier, and have more time for the things you love doing. Insist only on PRI-D - the professional's choice!

Eliminates tank slime & sludge from algae

Tired of constantly changing those expensive spin-on filters because of algae slime? While biocides like our own PRI-OCIDE are effective in killing algae, they don't eliminate the slime produced by decomposing microorganims. In fact, algae slime sinks to the bottom of your tank, building up a layer of muck that can choke filters and leave you stopped dead when you hit rough seas or bumpy roads. Biocides are also not fuel stabilizers - they do nothing to preserve fuel stability!

That's why you need PRI-D! Only PRI-D dissolves the nasty slime and sludge that results from algae infestation. PRI-D also preserves your fuel to maximum freshness - actually eliminating the conditons that cause algae growth. Eliminate expensive fuel polishing and tank cleanings. Don't let your tank be a bacteria graveyard! Supplement your PRI-OCIDE treatment with PRI-D for every fueling!

32 oz. treats 512 gallons
16 oz. treats 256 gallons

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