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         Coronado SOLAR Max 40 Filter 

For up to 1000mm Focal Length telescopes or screw SolarMax 40 and Tmax on to a PST Personal Solar Telescope for greater contrast.

  Four items: SolarMax 40 filter,  Tmax Doppler Tuner,  BF10 blocking filter diagonal  and carrying case.     

This is a new, never used item in excellent condition manufactured in 2003.    New old stock.

Made in USA

 Sold as is. An extremely good value.

Can also be used to double stack PST.

It's almost like getting the solar filter or the blocking filter for free.

SolarMax 40, BF10, Tmax tuner Package      SM40/10     $1800     $79 shipping




Experience first hand the tremendous views of our nearest star!     
 Use your telescope for daytime astronomy.

Patented, lower cost filters by Coronado Technology Group
allow more people the opportunity to view solar activity. Made in Tucson, Arizona by Coronado and upgraded.
 See excellent views of both prominences and surface detail such as plague, flares, filaments etc..

 Pictures by Ginger Mayfield using SolarMax 60 on TeleVue 85 refractor. Click on picture for larger view.

Coronado filters are shipped via air and are not shipped UPS ground service or with the Post Office.  USA sales and shipping only.


Optical Cleaning Kit 

Has anti-static lens brush, cleaning solution, anti-static cloth, spec grabber.

1 lb $25       Special $15


Solar Safety Film

Make your own White Light filter for viewing sun spots with your binoculars or telescope. 

 Baader AstroSolar Filter material and instructions.   Use scissors to cut film.

Density 5 (0.00001 transmission) - for visual use.

1/2 meter size, 500 x 1000mm (19.7" x 39.4")   

AS50HM   2 lbs  $110     Special $49

How to Make Your Own Objective Solar Filters for Binoculars, Cameras or Telescopes for Visual and Photographic Use.  Instructions 


Celestron     White Light Solar Filters   Limited  Specials

Solar Filter N80, N60, F80, F70
fits 3-15/16" tubes 94135 1 lb $50   $38

Solar Filter N4
 fits 4.5" diameter tubes  94129  1 lb  $60   $45



Adapter Plates    

  Use to mount SolarMax filter to your telescope.



  Limited  Specials

AP185 DoubleStack Adapter for SM40
Add a same size filter to your existing filter to lower the bandwidth for better contrast of surface features. 1 lb shipping
$90 $39    
AP169 Vixen/Celestron 102 FL SM90
3 lbs shipping
$220 $69  

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